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  • You're choosing marriage, and it's going to be 'forever'. Choose matching wedding rings that are as one-of a kind as you are. Both bands combine a permanent union of 18k pink gold, palladium and silver, but his brand is broader (5mm wide compared to her 4mm) and features a rose gold liner, while her ring features a diamond (0.05ct) and a white gold liner....
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    A wedding band that celebrates the interplay of two individual yet united beings, this ring, created using the ancient arts of Japanese craftsmanship combines 18K white and pink gold in a pattern that's as natural as the waves of the sea. As a lover of the unique and remarkable, this 3mm band, etched to accentuate its pattern is sure to enchant. The...
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    Named after the Japanese Shinto god of the wind, the undulating patterns in melded 18k yellow gold, palladium and silver is reminiscent of wind-sculpted ripples in sand. The flowing pattern is lightly etched to add an interesting texture and accentuate the play of colors. Choose it as a remarkable wedding band (4mm wide) or unique dress ring.
  • $1,740
    Choose an elegant, one-of-a kind wedding ring combining platinum, palladium and silver in a flowing mokume gane pattern. Seal your vows with an unusual ring that's made especially for you – direct from the workshop of Jaume Labro. The pattern of each piece is unique and individual.
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    Who said wedding bands have to be conformist? Get a combination of 18k gold touched with the magic of the of mokume gane – an ancient Japanese art that marries metals to create a perfectly blended, patterned effect. The 3mm wide band seen here is completely hand crafted and can be made to your personal specifications. The pattern of each piece is unique...
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    Your mokume wedding band is a deeply personal item and should be completely unique. The superbly natural patterns created by the fusion of 18K white and yellow gold make this art jewelry handmade wedding ring one of a kind. The textures are accentuated with careful etching, and the ring is rounded off with a fine diamond of superb clarity. The pattern of...
  • $1,460
    You're looking for a very special wedding band, and you love the patterns of nature: rippling water, the grain of wood, wind sculptures in sand. You'll love this mokume gane ring in palladium and silver with its domed profile and uniquely natural patterns. No two mokume gane rings are completely alike, so you can be assured of something that's truly one...
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    You're a perfect pair, and now you're looking for the perfect matching wedding bands to seal your marriage. Eros (4mm wide) combines platinum with the wood-grain-like patterns of mokume gane precious metalwork, while Chronos (3mm wide) combines 18k gold with this art form. These individually crafted, handmade rings can be made to any width you prefer. The...
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    When precious metals are married through the art of Mokume Gane, a unique pattern emerges - just as you and your spouse will form a unique and indivisible partnership. Handcrafted from 18k yellow gold, palladium and silver, and etched to accentuate the one of a kind pattern, this wedding ring can also be worn as an unusual fashion statement.
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    Although it can never be as precious as your love, you'll treasure this beautifully crafted wedding band for the rest of your life. The cool smoothness of platinum accentuates the unusual beauty of melded metals that makes mokume gane designer jewelry sought-after the world over. This ring is 4mm wide, but can be made to suit your preferences. The pattern...
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    Wedding rings symbolize union, but these bands take symbolism a step further. He is part of her and she is part of him in the same way that the platinum Pontus ring (4mm) is inextricably joined to the 18K gold accent it bears. Her 3mm Thalassa ring is 18k gold bonded forever to platinum. The hammered finish adds character to the equation. Hand-made and...
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    Platinum has been united with 18K gold in this individually crafted 4mm wide wedding band with difference. Two precious metals are united as one – a symbol of your marriage and unity as a couple. The ring features an attractive hammered finish and can be made to suit your individual needs.
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    Your marriage: two unique individuals are joined in one perfect partnership. The Thalassa ring: two precious metals inextricably bonded together. Platinum 900 and 18K gold are joined forever as a symbol of your devotion. Every ring is made by hand for an individual, and the 3mm wide band is only an example of what can be achieved. The exact specifications...
  • $1,840
    Like the patterns left by the tide on a pure white beach or the sun reflecting off rippling water, the 14k pink gold and silver bonde with the pale purity of palladium 500 make this hand crafted wedding ring a work of art. This 6mm wide ring is hand crafted to order, and design details can be changed to suit your preferences. The pattern of each piece is...
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    Uranus and Ourea Mokume Gane Rings Pair Set are the perfect matching wedding bands for a perfectly matched couple. Lovingly hand crafted to specification these unique wedding bands feature the intricately patterned look that makes Mokume Gane rings sought after as unique jewelry. 18K gold combines with silver and palladium perfected with a hammered finish...
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    As natural as your love, this combination of 18K white and yellow gold in a wood-grain texture celebrates your appreciation of nature and true beauty with an entrancing flow of colors. Your wedding band is truly one of a kind, made by the hand of a master of the Japanese metalwork art of mokume gane. The 4mm wide band seen here can be adapted to your...

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