Wedding Bands 

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    Platinum has been united with 18K gold in this individually crafted 4mm wide wedding band with difference. Two precious metals are united as one – a symbol of your marriage and unity as a couple. The ring features an attractive hammered finish and can be made to suit your individual needs.
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    A ring worthy of the gods of legend, this fusion of 18K gold and platinum was achieved using the same art as that used to create samurai swords. The metals are permanently joined, just as you and your spouse-to-be will be joined for life. The hammered gold surface adds a touch of the organic, as if this wedding ring was born from the forges of Vulcan.
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    Your marriage: two unique individuals are joined in one perfect partnership. The Thalassa ring: two precious metals inextricably bonded together. Platinum 900 and 18K gold are joined forever as a symbol of your devotion. Every ring is made by hand for an individual, and the 3mm wide band is only an example of what can be achieved. The exact specifications...
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    Wedding rings symbolize union, but these bands take symbolism a step further. He is part of her and she is part of him in the same way that the platinum Pontus ring (4mm) is inextricably joined to the 18K gold accent it bears. Her 3mm Thalassa ring is 18k gold bonded forever to platinum. The hammered finish adds character to the equation. Hand-made and...
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    A fusion of 18K gold and platinum 900 represents the unity of two different yet complimentary people in a pledge that lasts a lifetime. The inner layer of metal shows the pure, pale color distinctive to platinum, while the hammered gold outside of the ring adds a touch of art to the classic wedding bands for him and her. The 3mm and 4mm widths pictured...

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