Mokume Gane Bespoke Jewelry Designs


At Jaume Labro, we pride ourselves on creating the most exquisite bespoke jewelry designs anywhere. Whether you choose from one of our custom engagement rings or work with our design team to create a one-of-a-kind piece, our customers can expect exceptional attention to detail.

Unparalleled Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Our bespoke jewelry designs are the perfect intersection of exquisite materials and designs. Recipients and gift givers should never settle for anything less than absolute perfection – and there is no detail too small. Jaume Labro’s combination of timeless elegance and modern taste are effortlessly fused with time-honored metalworking traditions.

Whatever the celebration or occasion, our customers never settle for anything less than perfection. If you’re looking for a remarkable bespoke ring – or an elaborate necklace to celebrate a milestone – our experienced team of artisans creates each exclusive fine jewelry design by hand.

Mokume Gane patterns japanese multicolored gold by jaume labro

Jaume Labro: Behind the Bespoke Jewelry Designer

Jaume Labro’s love of jewelry began while training at the Gemological Institute of America,. While traveling through Asia, Africa, and South America to find the best gemstones possible, he began venturing further into the fine gemstone industry. In fact, Labro’s inspiration for studying jewelry design methods in Switzerland and Japan were to showcase the unique qualities of each precious gem.

Labro’s handcrafted jewelry designs and Mokume Gane techniques center around the shape, color, and beauty of individual gemstones, from diamonds to sapphires to citrines (and everything in between).  

The results are bespoke fine jewelry pieces fashioned with the most impeccable metalwork and the best materials.

Sustainable Gemstones and Gold

At Jaume Labro, we firmly believe that the harsh environmental impact of diamond mining and gold mining is completely avoidable – and it starts at the jewelry studio. That’s why we start at the source, choosing raw materials that are free of negative connotations.

Our artisans primarily work with recycled gold that is purified using a carbon-neutral process. This not only provides the most pristine gold on the market, but also the most impeccable gold alloys possible. In the rare event that we use mined gold in our pieces, we only purchase from ethical suppliers which provide safe working conditions and give back to mining communities (in the form of social and/or environmental programs).

Though selecting conflict-free, ethical diamonds requires more steps in the purchasing chain, our company refuses to be complicit in human rights abuses or contribute to environmental destruction caused by diamond mining. We hold all of our purchasing partners responsible – and have even gone deep into multiple mines to ensure that these companies uphold their pledges.

Exceptional Customer Service

Should you desire a bespoke jewelry piece, our team of designers will work to bring your personalized concept to life. From unique ring engraving ideas to expanding the band width, no element is too small.

We pride ourselves on hand-selecting our phenomenal customer service team. Our goal is to surpass each and every one of our client’s expectations. To ensure the most seamless and enjoyable experience, we focus on the individual, providing clear communication throughout the process.

To start your customized client experience, please contact our design team for a complimentary consultation. Here’s to a lifetime with your Jaume Labro jewelry design.