Better Future For Children


Find out how your hand crafted jewellery goes toward building a better future for children
Jaume Labro may be the maker of the finest luxury jewelry, but he is aware of the needs of poor communities and wants to make a difference. That’ why he donates five percent of the value of each purchase to a worthy cause. Finding the right organizations to support took time since Labro wanted to ensure that every cent that he donates goes directly to the beneficiaries. In large charity organizations, that isn’t always possible.

Better Future For Children: Community Schools

After much searching, Labro came upon the non-profit organization he was looking for. The community schools project helps impoverished villagers in Sierra Leone to build proper schools for their children.

They are very involved in teacher training, and host volunteers who help kids get an education that could help them to break free of the cycle of poverty. Giving child a better chance in life must surely be one of the most significant things anybody could do.

Parents Work to Build Schools for Their Children

One of the most wonderful aspects of this project is the way in which the work of building schools is done. As soon as they have the building materials they need, community volunteers get to work, building the places of learning that will equip their children for a better future.

Your Hand-Crafted Jewelry Can Change Lives

Jewelry is given and received with love. Share your love with those who need it most. A school desk, a textbook, even items as small as these can make a difference for a child striving to get an education against all the odds.

With Jaume Labro, beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but in the positive effect it can have on the world in which we live. Read more about this amazing community charity in our blog, or start browsing superb jewelry with a deeper purpose.