2018 Jewelry Trends & Insights by Leading Industry Experts

Jewelry Trends and Insights by industry

2018 Jewelry Trends Guests

In the world of jewelry today, few experts hold as much reverence as Katerina Perez, Anthony DeMarco, Jose Luis Fetollini, and Cathleen McCarthy. Their work includes articles that detail upcoming trends, historical significance of craftsmanship, and an emphasis on sustainability as well.

Jaume Labro was fortunate enough to speak with these trendsetters about trends in the jewelry industry, and advice they have for someone just starting out.

What new trends in jewelry are you most excited about?

2018 Jewelry trends industry experts interviews - Jaume Labro

Katerina Perez: I’m excited by the trend for bright colored gemstones across all facets of the jewellery industry; consumers are becoming excited by all types of gemstones, not just the most traditionally ‘precious’ ones – meaning that the variety of gemstone jewellery is much wider than it was previously.

Anthony DeMarco: 3D printing is going to allow more people to enter jewelry design and increase their amount of creativity.

Jose Luis Fetollini: Sustainable and ethical concepts in jewelry design will be another important value for the future. Recycling, upcycling, ecological metal recycling, conflict free diamonds, social action, and awareness all begin with customer behavior.

What are your thoughts on smart jewelry?

Smart Jewelry

Katerina Perez: As a social media influencer and blogger, I am excited by the possibilities which smart jewelry creates. I don’t think that the world of fine jewelry (the jewelry I write about) and smart jewellery will be combined successfully any time soon. Fine jewelry is all about artistic design, and I believe that some of this would have to be compromised to incorporate technology into the jewelry.

Anthony DeMarco: I think it has potential but I haven’t seen it being used in any way that creates excitement among consumers. I think the application of it is a challenge.

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Cathleen McCarthy: It’s a nice gimmick.

Jose Luis Fetollini: The combination of the smart technological devices with fine jewelry could be an interesting, I haven’t found anything that impresses me. We’ll see what the future brings.

How is technology changing jewelry today?

Technology & Jewelry

Katerina Perez: More elaborate designs are achievable much more quickly through 3-D printing and CAD/CAM technology. The biggest, the best, the most unusual jewelry is viewed through the advances of social media. Instagram certainly means we are insatiable for new content and media, and this means that trends in jewelry move much faster than they ever have before.

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Anthony DeMarco: Smarter and more innovative jewelry artists and designers are combining technology with old world craftsmanship. They create jewels with innovative designs and structural integrity that haven’t been seen before. Wallace Chan certainly comes to mind.

Cathleen McCarthy: Some thought computer-aided design would replace conventional handmade jewelry altogether, but that has not happened. It’s certainly making it faster and easier to execute designs. Laser welders are also adding a level of sophistication. All of these tools can prove invaluable for jewelers who produce in volume.

Jose Luis Fetollini: From my perspective, the most influential technological significance involves communication, branding, and effective marketing from jewelry brands and designers. E-commerce sites and online platforms provide the opportunity to have contact between the jewelry brand and the customer, which is something that has never happened before.

What is your advice to someone who is new to buying bridal and fashion jewelry?

Bridal and Fashion Jewelry

Katerina Perez: Do your research! Take the advice of those you trust, and those whose style you admire. Try to find impartial advice and don’t be afraid to shop around – jewelry buying can be a big decision, and it’s incredibly personal, too!

Anthony DeMarco: For bridal shoppers, I’d say don’t be afraid to try colored gemstones and colored diamonds. International celebrities and royalty have opted for color, and so can you!

For fashion jewelry, go to department stores and jewelry stores. See what’s available and what you might like to wear. Do research on the Internet. There’s a lot of great products out there, so you need to find what fits your style and budget.

Cathleen McCarthy: Buy something you love enough to cherish every day. Consider something with a story, perhaps using stones from jewels handed down in your family. Where wedding rings are concerned, invite the groom into the process and include his ring. You both may be surprised at how much more personal your wedding jewelry becomes when you get directly involved, especially as a partnership – which is what you’re becoming, right?

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Jose Luis Fetollini: For bridal and fashion shoppers alike, consider value and ethics when purchasing a jewelry piece. Your affection can somehow combine protecting ecological systems. Know the sources of precious materials like gold and diamonds. Support a small business rather than buying from a big brand, which is merely mass production. Each consumer can influence supply and demand in the industry.

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