5 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings

Things may have turned out for the worst. Or you may want to experiment with a new style, surprise your significant other, upgrade an inherited wedding ring, or forget you ever wore it on your finger. We got you. Our 5 ideas for redesigning wedding rings will suit all purposes and amaze everyone around you!

Can I Redesign My Wedding Ring?

Yes, you can. It’s surprising to know all that can be done with a wedding ring. So the answer is yes, you can redesign your wedding ring, and the only limit is set by your imagination! Our advice is to think about it carefully, however. Getting your ring back to its prior shape might not be possible after manipulation. Be 100% sure about your decision!

When Should An Old Wedding Ring Be Redesigned?

We all think it is forever until it isn’t. The same thing happens with wedding rings, and there are many reasons why we may want to change one:

  • Your marriage has experienced an unfortunate turn of events
  • Your significant other has passed away
  • You’ve experienced a big weight loss/weight gain
  • You’ve inherited the ring and want to reshape it
  • You want to celebrate an important anniversary
  • You want to express everlasting love

5 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings That Will Surprise You

We’ve gathered the 5 most creative and inspiring ideas for redesigning wedding rings, so hold on to your seat and let your imagination be carried away!

1. Get Your Ring Remodeled Using the Mokume Gane Technique

Mokume Gane is a Japanese technique that can achieve wood grain patterns on any type of jewel. It works by combining several metals, such as different color gold, silver, and platinum. The result is an interesting blend of colors interlaced by the different metals. Using Mokume Gane process to redesign your wedding band, while combining it with your engagement ring is one of the most awesome ideas to create a brand new ring!

3. Turn It To a Piece Of Art To Decorate Your Home

A wedding band can also be reshaped into a piece of art that can decorate your living room, or any place of your home. If you’ve visited the Palaces of Versailles, or any other ancient palace, you know there’s all sorts of decorative ideas using jewelry.
For example, you can put your ring gem on:

  • Cutlery
  • Furniture
  • A picture frame
  • On a glass of wine

You may put it on a flower pot or even on a decorative katana, if you like swords. Just look around you and see where it could fit! The ring itself can be stretched out for similar purposes.

3. Replace The Center Stone (Or Add Stones To It)

One of the easiest and most effective ways to redesign wedding rings is to change the center stone. You will be amazed by how different the whole ring will look. For example, try out different kinds of diamond-cut:

  • Round Diamond: A round center stone on a smaller diamond bedding looks classic and elegant!
  • Pear-Shaped Diamond: The pear shape makes rings look like precious relics and gives an original touch to them! 
  • Oval-Shaped Diamond: Similar to the round ones, these are also classic and elegant while being a tad more sophisticated. 
  • Emerald-Shaped Diamond: Glamorous and splendid, this shape has a lot of visual impact, that is why a lot of Celebrities choose this diamond cut for their engagement or wedding bands!

Also, you can add small diamonds or other gemstones like rubies, sapphires, zircon… You can also combine it with the gemstone you should wear according your birth. Find it out in our ‘Birthstone ring guide’.

4. Create A New Jewel From Your Wedding Ring

Redesign your wedding ring into something brand new! Here are a few great ideas:

  • Transform it into a necklace: this transformation can be as easy as getting a chain to hold your ring. It will keep it visible and close to your heart. 
  • Transform it into a bracelet: the diamonds, gems, or inlay of your ring can be used for a bracelet. 
  • Transform it into an earring: this one is an easy transformation too and it might be as simple as getting your ring pierced by a jeweler!

5. Have The Ring Engraved Again

An engraving can do wonders when it comes to getting jewelry back to life or giving it a new and powerful sentimental dimension. Here are some awesome ideas:

  • A Significant Date: It might be the day you met, your wedding anniversary or the day of your first kiss! 
  • A Latin Inscription: Latin may be a dead language, but sounds all the more beautiful due to its ancient scent. A good idea may be: “Amor Omnia Vincit” (love vanquishes everything). 
  • A Religious Message: One of the most meaningful religious engravings is: “What God has united cannot be separated by man.”
  • Citations From a Famous Poem or Song: Nothing is as inspiring as the power of love, as witnessed by quotes such as: “To be able to say how much love, is love but little,” by Italian poet Petrarch.

Wrapping It Up

As this is a very personal and intimate matter, we suggest you give it some thought before you make up your mind. Hopefully, our ideas for redesigning wedding rings have served as an inspiration for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and show us what you have come up to, it would make our day!

In Jaume Labro we specialize in designing – and redesigning – wedding bands following the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane.

Contact us and we will assist you in creating a new jewel from your wedding band, or handcrafting another special ring for your beloved one.

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