7 Mistakes Everybody Makes When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring isn’t something you do every day, and the anticipation of the upcoming proposal often runs high, potentially resulting in the selection of an ill-suited jewelry item. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to steer clear of the 7 most common mistakes while buying a ring, allowing you to sidestep any potential pitfalls.

Looking for an engagement ring without a clear idea of what you want will soon get you lost and lead to even more mistakes.

No Idea What to Get

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing an engagement ring is shopping without knowing what you seek. If you’re with the right person, you’ll receive a positive response to the significant question, even if you choose the wrong ring. However, if you manage to select the perfect ring on your own, it would be a delightful surprise for your beloved and a way to demonstrate that you understand them like no one else in the world! Nevertheless, if you embark on your jewelry hunt with a clear vision in mind, you’ll save time and avoid the awkward situation of having to exchange the ring. That’s why it’s worth asking yourself a few questions that will give you a clearer notion of what to seek before you begin browsing through rings.

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What type of jewelry material does your beloved prefer?

To determine this, you can take cues from the metal they typically wear in their everyday life. However, some people don’t have distinct preferences. If that’s the case with your partner, you can opt for a ring that combines two or more precious metals, such as various shades of gold and platinum. Additionally, why not consider a Mokume Gane engagement ringThis Japanese technique offers a multifaceted and harmonious fusion of materials, making it highly versatile when paired with other jewelry.

Should you opt for an engagement ring with or without a diamond?

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While white diamonds undeniably hold a timeless appeal, it’s worth contemplating the preferences of your significant other. Certain individuals might cherish a less conventional ring, like one adorned with a sapphire, emerald, or highlighted by colorful diamonds, such as this Ava Yellow Diamond 3-Stone Ring. Therefore, conducting thorough research before selecting a gemstone engagement ring is highly advisable.

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What shape should the stone on the engagement ring be?

A common misconception is that size is the sole crucial factor when it comes to the stone, but that’s not the case. Furthermore, certain types of cuts can enhance the appearance of a stone, even if its size isn’t particularly impressive. Diamonds and other precious stones can be fashioned into various shapes, ranging from the timeless, brilliant cut to more unique cuts like heart or marquise shapes. However, take in mind that while the classic round shape appeals to everyone, the pear shape may not suit everyone’s preferences.

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What should the shape of the ring be?

When considering a ring, it’s important to pay attention to its overall shape, particularly the interior. It’s advisable to select a design where the ring has a rounded inner surface to ensure comfort and prevent any potential discomfort or injury to the wearer’s finger. After all, this ring, along with the wedding band, are meant to be worn for a lifetime.

If you find yourself unsure about the answers to these questions, you can always turn to a discreet relative or friend to assist you in obtaining this information.

Choosing an engagement ring is not a race, and nobody’s timing you, so don’t rush it!

Choosing an engagement ring is not a race, and nobody’s timing you, so don’t rush it

We know that the excitement surrounding the decision to propose to your loved one is immense, and you yearn to discover the perfect ring that will facilitate the momentous question as quickly as possible. However, precisely because the proposal holds such profound significance as a cherished memory, it’s crucial to take a deep breath, compose yourself, and approach this emotional matter rationally. The jewel should be comfortable, suitable for your partner, and of exceptional quality. An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime choice within your relationship, so, like all significant decisions, it shouldn’t be rushed. 

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Dedicate ample time to identify and explore brands that align with all your requirements. Familiarize yourself with fundamental guidelines for selecting a ring, such as the 4 C’s, when purchasing a diamond ring, for instance. Although these efforts may make ring shopping feel more like a task than a romantic gesture, the ultimate outcome is undoubtedly worth the invested time.

Doing your homework before buying an engagement ring is worth the time and effort.

Lack of Research

Choosing a ring can go terribly awry, even if you possess knowledge about your loved one’s preferences. Besides serving as a symbol and a means to propose, engagement rings are, let’s be honest, a significant financial investment. It’s wise to conduct thorough research before making your final decision. Identify a few jewelry brands and delve into their background. Where do they source their materials? Gold and gemstones are among the raw materials that often involve unethical mining practices, and in some cases, even illegal ones. 

It’s also crucial to seek out reviews from genuine customers of the brands you find appealing. Consider not only the origin of materials and the jewelry’s quality but also the level of service and customer experience. If you don’t team-up with knowledgeable professionals with a proper mindset, buying an engagement ring can become an overwhelmingly stressful and unpleasant ordeal.

A reputable jeweler will always offer you a certified, conflict-free diamond.

You Didn’t Buy a Certified Diamond

And while we’re on the topic of proper research, it’s worth ensuring you buy a certified, ethically sourced diamondThe diamond industry is full of shady characters who offer stones that are not only of poor quality but also their mining has negatively affected everyone who has touched the stone. Therefore, if you have decided to buy an engagement ring with a diamond, it is good to be sure of the origin and quality of the stone for your own piece of mind. 

If you have settled on a specific ring or a jewelry brand you like, be sure to check whether the stones used are certified by a reputable agency. This is the only way you can be sure that the jewelry with which you will pop one of the most important questions in your relationship is of high quality and ethical origin. There are only a few major agencies in the world whose authority and impartiality you can trust. The American GIA is undoubtedly the standard setter, trusted by all the professionals in the industry, including us at Jaume Labro – all of the diamonds we use are GIA certified. The other few certificates you can trust are AGS, EGL, and IGI. However, it’s always better to opt for a GIA-certified stone when possible.

Wearing a wrong-sized engagement ring is not only uncomfortable; there’s also a greater risk of losing or damaging the piece.

You Don’t Know the Right Size

No matter how diligently you’ve studied your loved one’s preferences, the stone shapes, material origins, or favored brands, all of it would be in vain if you purchase a ring without ensuring the correct size. As this jewelry will grace your beloved’s hand day and night, selecting the right size is of utmost importance. While competent professionals can resize most rings, avoiding altering engagement rings whenever possible is advisable. Some designs pose unexpected challenges when it comes to resizing, especially if the ring is embellished with intricate stone settings or delicate details. Moreover, even if the adjustment is feasible, it might alter the overall appearance of the jewelry. 

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However, obtaining the correct size can be relatively simple. Just borrow a ring that fits snugly on your loved one’s ring finger. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a gold or silver piece; even a costume jewelry ring will serve the purpose as long as it’s meant for the ring finger. If you cannot find a similar item in your loved one’s jewelry box, you can seek assistance from a relative or a close friend.

Ensure the engagement ring matches a style of wedding bangs you’ll both appreciate.

You Didn’t Consider the Wedding Band Design

Choosing the wedding rings may appear distant at this stage. Still, it’s also an aspect to take in mind when selecting an engagement ring. Although the jewelry used for the proposal will solely be worn by your chosen one, it’s worthwhile to consider it in conjunction with the design of the wedding rings since both of you will wear them. Thus, it’s worth inquiring whether the jeweler from whom you plan to purchase the engagement ring offers rings in a similar design and thoroughly examining them. Assess whether you find the wedding rings appealing, whether they resonate with your partner, and whether they complement the engagement ring when worn together, as many individuals nowadays choose to don both pieces simultaneously.

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You don’t have to spend everything you got to buy a beautiful engagement ring.

Going Over Your Budget

Embarking on marriage is a significant milestone in life that necessitates emotional and financial preparedness. While presenting an extravagant ring with a massive diamond may appear romantic, it’s not ideal to commence your life together with burdensome debt. Establish a realistic budget and adhere to it. Wedding expenses can add up quickly, so avoid depleting all your resources on an engagement ring. Remember, you don’t have to splurge excessively or compromise on quality to acquire a stunning engagement ring.

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The highest costs are typically associated with renowned large manufacturers and stores, as you’re paying not only for the jewelry itself but also for the brand name. Instead, we recommend exploring small boutique jewelry companies and stores. They will pleasantly surprise you, not just with their competitive prices, but often with alternative and original designs and techniques that set them apart from conventional engagement jewelry.

We hope that our tips will make buying an engagement ring a more informed and stress-free experience. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us

if you need any information or assistance when it comes to choosing the right jewelry piece for your special occasion

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