8 Engagement Ring Designs in Gold

An engagement ring is a synonym for love, passion, tenderness, and commitment. Unfortunately, finding the best one for your spouse-to-be can sometimes be overwhelming as there are thousands of designs in jewelry shops or online. Today, we will help you find the best engagement gold ring designs for females. For this, we will share ideas and tips while showing trend that will make your wedding proposal an extraordinary moment of your life.

1. Elegant and Simple Gold Ring Design With a Diamond

When we all think about a gold engagement ring for females, diamonds also come to our minds quickly. If you want a mix of traditional design, but at the same time you are seeking a unique ring, Bezel Mokume Gane Engagement Ring is one of the best you can find.

This engagement ring is handcrafted following the ancient technique of Mokume Gane, using a combination of different types of gold to achieve unique wood-grain patterns. The icing on the cake is the 0.30ct diamond that gives this timeless engagement ring an elegant and distinguished touch.

2. Unique Shaped Sustainable Engagement Gold Ring Designs for Females

If your future fiance likes original shapes, the Svain Engagement Ring is the perfect one. This unique piece is handcrafted in Japan by the best artisans, and it uses only sustainable and conflict-free diamonds. With a combination of different types of gold, the unique shape that holds a 0.25-carat diamond will be the biggest surprise of your proposal.

3. Swirling Patterns Gold Engagement Ring For Her

Here you can find a great idea for engagement gold ring designs for females: the Eos Mokume Gane ring. This model is inspired by the unusual shapes of the stars and galaxies. Thanks to the patterns and shapes achieved with the Mokume Gane technique, this engagement ring might not seem the most common choice, but it will always remain in style.

4. Fine Jewelry Signature Engagement Ring

A signature engagement ring is a true synonym of love and devotion. Choosing a gold engagement ring with a unique design and the most suitable gemstones according to the month of birth will symbolize your dedication to your future partner in life.

Jaume Labro has designed Adkelen Engagement Ring, part of Erosion collection. It is inspired by raw and organic nature to achieve unique shapes that make a real difference from any classic engagement or wedding ring.

5. Glittering Diamonds Gold Engagement Ring Design

When we all think about gold engagement rings, a big diamond always comes to our mind. But why not choose a ring with a row of glittering diamonds to make a genuine difference? Mixing different types of gold, such as white gold, yellow gold, or green gold, with the Mokume Gane jewelry technique, you can get a unique gold engagement ring design for your soulmate. After that, you add some small diamonds in a row and get the perfect one.

6. A Minimalist Gold Ring Design Is Always a Great Choice

A minimalist engagement ring can be perfect if your future wife likes to wear simple jewelry and wants a ring that does not get in the way while using her hands. For example, a big diamond is not always comfortable if you have a handy job or want to wear a ring all day long. Especially if your future wife doesn’t want to feel there is something in the middle of your finger.

Finding a minimalist and beautiful gold ring design for an engagement ring can sound impossible, but it is not. Jaume Labro designed a perfect ring: Izumi Engagement Ring offers swirling patterns with a central diamond or a gemstone of your choice. The ideal minimalist and elegant design for your engagement ring.

7. Gold and Diamonds Combined With Different Gemstones

Combining gold, diamonds, and different gemstones in one engagement ring is astonishing. You play with different colors and tonalities, and you can finally design a unique piece for your future spouse or husband.

There are about 300 gemstones on Earth for handcrafting jewelry, so the combinations are limitless: blue sapphire, green emerald, or red garnet are a few of them. Jaume Labro team designed the most beautiful engagement ring you can find if you are planning to combine gold, diamonds, and other gemstones. Joco Engagement Ring is handcrafted with the Mokume Gane technique, using recycled yellow and white gold with the perfect combination of a diamond and sapphires.

8. Gold Combined With a Princess Cut Diamond

Our last idea if you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse is to combine sharpened shapes to give a modern touch to the piece. The Princess Cut is commonly used in engagement rings, but combining it with a Mokume Gane design will make a true difference in the final jewel.

Vjay Mokume Gane Engagement Ring designed by Jaume Labro is perfect if you seek an original and elegant piece. Modern and minimalist for a non-flashy bride-to-be.

Let Your Heart Speak While Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

We just shared some ideas that will help you find the best engagement ring for your soulmate. But we have our latest advice: listen to your heart to find THE one. Put aside trends or offers and seek the best piece since it will last a lifetime.

In Jaume Labro we know how important it is to find the perfect engagement or wedding ring for your beloved one. We assist you in all the steps, from the draft idea to a final and unique design that will make a genuine difference. Contact us and we will guide you during your special journey of finding Mokume Gane engagement ring for your soulmate.

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