How Many Different Colors of Gold Are There?

When most people are asked about colors of gold, yellow and white varieties typically come to mind. And while these two hues are certainly the standard for most luxury jewelry, there’s an entire rainbow of gold alloys that are just as stunning. Our Mokume Gane jewelry harnesses a wide variety of gorgeous shades to produce […]

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Ancient Mokume Gane Techniques Come Alive at Jaume Labro

For over 500 years, the ancient Mokume Gane technique has been used to create distinctive Japanese metalwork pieces. Originally inspired by the ancient art of Damascus steel sword making, decorative patterns were hand-hammered to craft the handles and sheaths of Mokume Gane katanas. The intricacy of each blade was regarded as a status symbol in […]

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Recycled gold for a greener planet

Gold mining causes untold ecological harm. But the gold used to make your Labro ring is different. Find out more about eco-friendly gold. Ethical gold is that produced with no legal or moral concerns. That means no child labor. No illegal operations. No environmentally unsound policies. No association with war.

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