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9 Incredible Jewelry Techniques to Discover

Trends may come and go, but one thing is certain: People will always love – and adorn themselves with – jewelry. Discover 9 incredible jewelry techniques that have made a lasting impression on civilization for thousands of years! 1. Mokume Gane While Mokume Gane was initially reserved for Samurai in feudal Japan, this ancient tradition has recently been […]

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How to Buy a Mokume Gane Ring

What Is Mokume Gane? Initially used for samurai swords, this ancient Japanese metalworking technique heats and hammers precious metals into swirling wood-grain patterns. Learn more about the Mokume Gane process. Why Is Mokume Gane So Expensive? A Mokume Gane ring tends to have a higher price tag due to the artisanship that goes into producing it. From hammering […]

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The Traditional Japanese Art of Shibuichi

You may have heard about Mokume Gane, but what about Shibuichi? This alloy is often used in traditional Japanese jewelry – and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the alternative jewelry world. However, there are plenty of elements to consider before purchasing a Shibuichi item. From its legendary origins to considerations to make, our guide will […]

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Mokume Gane vs Damascus Steel Jewelry

There is a special date approaching, and finding the best ring can be tricky. An engagement ring should be memorable, full of meaning, and, of course, full of love. Damascus Ring or Mokume Gane? Which would be the best choice? Mass-produced jewelry is easy to find everywhere, but you are already thinking about buying a […]

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Ancient Metalworking Used in Today’s Jewelry

Metalworking Jewelry Techniques of the Millennia With millennia of ancient metalworking jewelry techniques at our fingertips, it’s inevitable that jewelry continues to be influenced by time-old traditions. From Egyptian gilding to Damascus steel (that inspires our fine jewelry), expert metalworkers are proud to carry on the legacy of these intricate methods. Egyptian Gilding Thanks to mineral-rich […]

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Marcel Tolkowsky: The Father of the Ideal Diamond Cut

When you are searching for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry, you simply know when you have found the right one. The way it shines, the weight against your skin, the texture of the materials and the instinct that the piece was meant especially for you. While our love for jewelry is often based on […]

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