Should You Choose an Ideal Cut Diamond?

Buying a diamond is an exciting event in anyone’s life, but one soon discovers that there are many factors to consider. You will see that so-called “Ideal Cut Diamonds” are available, but you will also see that this designation affects price quite substantially. So what does it mean, and how important is it to seek out ideal cut diamonds when choosing a conflict-free diamond from Jaume Labro?

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the wonderful, sparkling world of these precious stones.

What is an Ideal Cut Diamond?

In the early part of the twentieth century, a Polish diamond cutter named Marcel Tolkowsky examined the effect of cut on the way diamonds reflected light, known as ‘brilliance’. He also looked at the way diamonds split the light spectrum into “fire”, or a variety of colors. Tolkowsky proposed an exact set of proportions that stone cutters should use to get the greatest amount of brilliance and fire from round or brilliant diamonds.

Today, Tolkowsky’s concept has developed and branched out. Various companies have their own specifications for ideal diamond proportions. There are six different interpretations of the concept in use today. Tolkowsky’s original ideal cut proportions are still used, but some retailers create their own standards based on data that can include computer modeling.

Why Are There So Many Different Ideal Diamond Dimensions?

Some retailers will assure their clients that there is only one ideal cut when this couldn’t be farther from the truth: Gemologists know that there are various combinations of ideal cut diamond dimensions. These live up to the original parameters of brilliance and fire that Tolkowsky wanted to achieve, yet they may differ quite substantially from the proportions he proposed.

We classify diamonds as having an ideal cut when the proportions fall within a range of limits. However, the client is the ultimate decision-maker. Just because a stone is classified as having an ideal cut, doesn’t mean it will look as good to the buyer or in an engagement ring as a diamond with slightly different proportions.

Gemologists know that there are various combinations of ideal cut diamond dimensions.

GIA Ideal Cut Diamond Proportions

Whenever we need to know the facts about diamonds, it’s best to see what the world’s most respected authorities have to say. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the best place to start looking for information. After all, the GIA is the world’s leading organization in certifying diamonds, so no institution has a greater knowledge of ideal diamond dimensions.

Interestingly, the GIA does not certify any diamond as having an ideal cut. It does not consider the proportions of a diamond as reflecting the true quality of the stone. Jaume Labro, a GIA-trained gemologist, agrees with this point of view. Most round brilliants we find on the market today are not ideal cut diamond dimensions, and yet they have all the brilliance and fire you could wish for. The bottom line? There is no GIA ideal cut.

The Theory Behind Perfect Diamond Dimensions

The diagram above illustrates the parts of a diamond and the proportions it must have to qualify as an ideal cut.

  • Table diameter: 52.4% to 57.5%
  • Crown Angle: 33.7 degrees to 35.8 degrees
  • Girdle Thickness: Thin to Slightly Thick (.51% to 2.95%)
  • Pavilion Angle: 40.2 degrees to 41.25 degrees
  • Culet: None (Pointed) to Medium
  • Total Depth: 56.88% to 63.92%

However, it’s important to remind ourselves that cut isn’t everything. An ideal cut diamond will not guarantee you the best appearance and value. Factors such as polish and symmetry also matter, and several inherent qualities of the stone such as its color and clarity also come into play.

The buyer should beware of sellers who highlight ideal cut diamond proportions as the primary selling point for a stone. In many cases, they are not fully informed as to what constitutes a perfect cut. Although cut affects value, attaching the value of a stone solely to its cut is questionable.

The buyer should beware of sellers who highlight ideal cut diamond proportions as the primary selling point for a stone.

What You Need to Know About Ideal Cut Diamond Dimensions

While it’s true that a diamond cutter’s talents enhance the beauty of gemstones – and that some cutters have greater expertise – cut is only one factor to consider when choosing an ethical diamond from Labro. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is “ideal” for you. The perfect diamond cut proportions are really the ones that suit your personal preferences.

This is why Labro has created an online tool that allows you to see how various options affect the look of a diamond. Labro’s highly qualified staff are available to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional diamond that’s perfect for you. As an individual, your tastes and preferences may differ from others, as it should be.

Learn More and Get Help From Experts

Learning more about diamonds is easy with Jaume Labro. Although not all our diamonds fit ideal cut proportions, every one of them is a fine stone, carefully selected by master gemologists. Each stone is supplied with its certification from the GIA, but you’ll notice that the GIA doesn’t consider an ideal cut to be particularly important.

Unless you have already set your heart on a diamond with this characteristic, don’t allow yourself to be persuaded to choose an ideal cut diamond over one you have already seen and liked. The brilliance and fire of rare and beautiful diamond does not rely on perfect diamond cut proportions alone.

Differences between cuts will have some effect on appearance, but in most cases, this will only be discernible when diamonds are viewed out of their setting using specialized equipment. A gem-quality diamond is a rare and beautiful stone of great value, regardless of whether it is ideal cut or not.

Feel free to contact us if you need a little advice from the experts. We are here to help you make the perfect decision based on what you want from a diamond.

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