Forest protection program


We guarantee that we will only support environmentally responsible suppliers – and you can choose to go even further as ‘your’ trees are planted in an ancient forest under threat. Perhaps one day, you will go and visit ‘your’ tree, but even if you don’t, your jewelry will remind you that somewhere in Africa, a tree is reaching towards the sky because you chose Labro.

Have your gold and diamonds ruined a forest?

For many, buying beautiful gold and diamond jewelry is not something they associate with large-scale environmental damage. The issue of blood diamonds has drawn even more attention. But animals, plants and entire ecosystems are under threat because of our thirst for beautiful gemstones and the gold that forms a perfect setting for them.

Jaume Labro, award-winning jewelry designer, doesn’t want his business or his clients to have this on their conscience. On the contrary, he believes that the knowledge of having improved conditions for humanity and the environment is an important aspect of his work and your jewelry.

A gift to the planet, concealed in your diamond engagement or wedding rings

Diamond engagement rings, gold wedding rings and fine jewelry already carry a depth of meaning that isn’t apparent when you simply look at them. Part of their beauty and significance is the love with which they are created and given.

Now you can have confidence that your jewelry has also achieved something special through forest protection or socio-economic advancement for the poor. 5% of the value of your exquisite handmade jewelry is donated to a cause. It isn’t added to the price, because Labro wants to contribute too.

Forest problems associated with mining

Every day, trees are felled to make way for the infrastructure that mining requires. Roads made through forests make them vulnerable to devastating fires by channelling air through the forest canopy, pollution of streams affects wildlife and people alike, and habitat destructions threatens vulnerable animal species.

For example, India is currently facing a choice between its forests, and the tigers they provide a habitat for, and becoming one of the world’s largest diamond producers. In South America, shallow hydraulic mining for alluvial gold is destroying swathes of forest and polluting the streams that act as their lifeblood, and in Angola, nature is unable to recover from the impact of diamond mining. As for New Guinea, it faces environmental disaster as watercourses and wetlands are rendered unsuitable for aquatic life.

Protect the forest by choosing Labro

The need for forest protection becomes more apparent with every passing day, but the lure of precious metals and stones provides a powerful incentive for governments seeking to exploit mineral resources. To save the forests, consumers have to get smart and start refusing products that are not created with forest preservation in mind.

Recycled gold and diamonds, or those which are mined in an environmentally sensitive way should be our only choices. At Labro, we know the exact origins of any metals or gems we purchase. We make it our business to know that conservation and the protection of human rights are high on our suppliers’ agendas.


Do no harm – but also become involved in activism

Not only will your jewelry from Labro consist of materials that did no harm, but choosing Labro becomes a form of activism. Apart from our donations on your behalf towards African education, we have also found a way in which we can make a small but significant contribution to save our forests.

What would you say if you knew that every $12 of the 5% profit percentage we donate when you buy jewelry from us meant that a tree was being planted in a vulnerable and unique forest? We can even supply you with the GPS co-ordinates!

Greenpop: our partners protect the forest

Finding the right environmental charity was difficult. Many large charities have become so cumbersome that much of the money donated goes towards supporting the organization rather than the cause it represents. Then we discovered Greenpop and its tree-planting donation that’s guaranteed to translate into a living, growing tree for just $12.

Platbos forest is Africa’s Southernmost forest ecosystem. It is home to leopards, caracal, buck, a huge variety of bird species and stately, ancient trees. But it is under threat. Invasive vegetation and a devastating fire in 2006 have raised concerns that this ancient forest and the wildlife it provides a habitat for will be wiped from the face of the earth. Wildlife protection means habitat preservation –but when a habitat has been damaged this badly, restoration is the only answer.

How to rebuild a threatened forest

Many ancient trees still remain at Platbos, but to preserve the forest and return it to its former glory, trees have to be planted. These trees don’t just have to be of the right species, they also need to be from the local genotype in order to preserve the integrity of this very unique environment.

Greenpop collects seeds and grows them in a special nursery until they are strong enough to survive in the wild. Then the trees are planted by volunteers according to the natural niches where they would usually be found. 8,000 trees were planted in May 2016 alone as local volunteers ranging from toddlers to adults set to work after having been invited to join the “treevolution”.

A tree grows in Africa – and you put it there

Greenpop is active across Southern Africa, but its southernmost project is one of its most inspiring. Perhaps one day, you will go and ‘visit’ your tree, but even if you don’t, your jewelry will remind you that somewhere in Africa, a tree is reaching towards the sky because you chose Labro. Will it become a leopard’s scratching post? Perhaps! But you won’t mind.

Save our forests and reduce your carbon footprint. Our action is going to preserve forest that might otherwise disappear, and when you get on the plane to go to your dream honeymoon destination, your carbon footprint is neutralized. Yes, you have joined the “treevolution”!

Donate directly or choose your gold and diamond jewelry from Labro

Feel free to donate directly. It’s a worthy cause, and we’re glad we found it. However, you can also browse our superb handcrafted wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry – or request a custom-made piece. The jewelry you choose will not only symbolize your special occasion, but will represent your commitment to a better world for all.