A better future for children: Jewelry and Educational Programs

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Find out how your hand crafted jewelry goes toward building a better future for children like this little girl. Yes! We can make a difference! Your ring could change a life for the better. When you choose a wedding ring or an engagement ring from Jaume Labro’s studio, you’re not just getting something that’s uniquely beautiful to wear and to look at. You’re also making a difference to those less fortunate than you.

Jewelry and Educational Program: Building a Better Future

At Labro fine jewelry, we produce magnificent works of wearable art. For many, excelling at their craft and becoming world leaders in their specialty would be sufficient, but that’s not enough for Jaume Labro.

For many, excelling at their craft and becoming world leaders in their specialty would be sufficient, but that’s not enough for Jaume Labro. Click To Tweet

Many of our clients are seeking truly special jewelry items such as wedding rings, engagement rings and anniversary gifts. We believe that they also want to know that by marking their love for each other with an art jewelry ring, they are sharing something positive with the world at large.

Jewelry with a cause

Although Labro deliberately keeps its business artisanal so that each item is lovingly hand crafted, we want to do our bit towards making the world a better place. So do you. Together, we can make a difference.

As a result, we have pledged that a 5% profit percentage of every purchase you make from Jaume Labro will go to a very special, hand-picked charity. This 5% profit percentage is NOT added onto the price that you pay. That way, we know that building a better world is a mission that’s shared by us and our clients alike. A 5% profit percentage of the love and care we put into every piece of jewelry we make is our contribution to a brighter future – and yours.


Making every donation count

Choosing the right charity organization as beneficiaries of our donations proved to be a task that required the same attention to detail as we put into our craft.

As you know, many mainstream charity organizations have become so large and unwieldy that you simply can’t be sure how much of your donation actually ends up benefitting the cause you support. There are full-time administrators that have to be paid, expensive advertising campaigns to run and more.

While we understand why this becomes necessary, we wanted to be sure that every dollar donated would be use specifically to benefit a beautiful cause – a cause that would allow you to get that very special of having made a life-changing difference to someone who needs it. And we found it! Now, every time you look at your beautiful jewelry from Labro, you can know that your ‘luxury item’ represents true activism, and that you helped to make it possible.

A very, very special charity

Have you ever read about something that’s so beautiful it raises goose bumps? Read on to discover why the Wara Wara Community Schools Project is one of these.

To begin with, we need to sketch in a little background. African education is needy, and there must be few places in the world where the lack of educational opportunities for children is as great as it is in Sierra Leone. The UN has ranked ‘human development’ in Sierra Leone in the 180ieth position out of 187 countries.

If you’re a kid in Sierra Leone, you can expect a short life of grinding poverty. Average life expectancy is just 47 years and over 63 percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day. Just giving people money doesn’t help – at least not in the long term. Money is quickly spent. But knowledge is power – the power to lift yourself above the terrible conditions in which you were born.

The Wara Wara Community Schools Project

Nobody is more aware of the need for African education than the villagers of Wara Wara. If they had the means, they would move mountains so that their children can have a better life. But all they have is willingness, strong hands and a sense of community. If they had building materials, they would build schools. If they had teachers, children could learn at the schools. But everyone is struggling to survive. The means to give their children a better life is beyond their reach.

Of all the regions of Sierra Leone, the Wara Wara mountain communities are the poorest. But with the help of the Wara Wara Community Schools Project, the villagers are showing that with a bit of help, they can achieve a better future for their kids. They’re not asking for a handout. They’re asking for the resources that will let their young ones rise above poverty through hard work and learning.


Villagers build their own schools

Donations to the project are used to buy building materials. It’s nothing fancy: materials for a decent building, some blackboard paint, access to a source of fresh drinking water. Villagers work together, putting the materials together to create a school. They give their time and the sweat of their brows freely. But one vital element is still lacking: teachers!

Again, the Wara Wara community Schools Project is leaving no stone unturned. Teachers are being trained, volunteers are coming forward to teach. A school without teachers would be pointless! And of course, school supplies are needed too. You can’t learn to read and write if there are no books to read and no paper to write on.

Sierra Leone schools transformed

Nobody is earning a comfortable salary out of working on the Wara Wara Community Schools Project. Every penny that can go towards its mission to educate the children is used wisely and well.

Schools are being created where no school was available. Rickety lean-to structures are being replaced with proper buildings.

It’s a slow process, and it relies on donations. There is no government funding, no National Lottery donation. It’s people like you and businesses like Jaume Labro that are making it all possible. Helping children in Sierra Leone on your own may seem an impossible task, but through this worthy project, anyone can make that life-changing difference towards a brighter future and a better world.

Wedding rings or engagement rings with that extra special ‘something’

When you choose a wedding ring or an engagement ring from Jaume Labro’s studio, you’re not just getting something that’s uniquely beautiful to wear and to look at. You’re also making a difference to those less fortunate than you.

Education aid means that the Sierra Leone kids of today will be able to build a better life for their children – the effect spans generations – and the love you share with your partner reaches out through your exquisite hand crafted jewelry, beyond the comfortable world you know – to make that possible.

So join us on our quest for meaning. Make a significant decision that will improve the world. Donate to the Wara Wara community Schools Project directly, or simply browse our collection of wedding and engagement rings so that we can work with you towards a beautiful future.

We strive to collaborate with new initiatives and social activism, if you have any idea about how jewelry and educational programs can improve the conditions of children, don’t doubt to send us an email and we will study to proposal.