All That Glitters: 12 Questions with Katerina Perez

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You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the jewelry world as respected and sought-after as Katerina Perez. Gemologist, journalist, and expert, Perez has built a career from her deep love of all that glimmers and glitters. Trained at The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GBA), London-based Perez quickly developed a cult following after the launch of her eponymous website. There, she regularly highlights up-and-coming designers, industry legends, and the trends expected to take over. Jaume Labro had the opportunity to sit down Katerina Perez and talk shop with one of the most important fixtures in the scene today.

When did you first become interested in the world of jewelry?

My mother recently sent a picture of me, covered in as much of my grandmother’s jewellery as I could wear at three years old. I guess the obsession with jewelry was even more of an instinct than I had realized! I began working in the retail sector of the jewelry industry 10 years ago, and it was there that my passion developed into the obsession that I have today!

Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever fell in love with?

I think it was my mother’s gold necklace. I remember playing with it and running it through my fingers for hours like it was made of magic!

What do you enjoy most about working in gemology?

Katerina Perez - Gemology
I adore the stories that gemstones have to tell, their ability to explain their birthplace, and how they were formed through their colors, inclusions, and forms. The reverential feeling that many jewelry lovers get from gemstones is as much of an instinct as staring up at the stars, just as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. We look at gemstones with the same awe.

What is your favorite gemstone? What feelings does it evoke?

My favourite gemstone is Paraiba tourmaline for its unique color; the neon brightness of the stone is almost electric. I think these stones evoke energy and excitement!

How did you turn your passion for jewelry into a profession?

It’s taken 4 years of working long hours, lots of research, evaluating what works, as well as investing in my website and my content to be in the position I am in now. I believe the most important factor is enjoying what you do, because then the hard work and dedication comes so much more easily, rather than if you set out to make a career out of something hoping to make money from it. believe the most important factor is enjoying what you do! Click To Tweet

You often feature exciting new designs and artists on your site. Where do you discover them?

Katerina Perez jewelry expert
Now – often – jewellery that I love finds me! At this stage, many designers know when I will love a new piece from them, and new designers are often introduced to myself and other influencers through jewelry trade shows like International Jewellery London.

What are the qualities you look for in jewelry designs?

Quality of craftsmanship, original design, and the materials used. Fine jewelry does not have to be dripping in diamonds for me to want to write about it or feature it, but something mass-produced or a direct copy of another design won’t inspire me or my readers.

You are a judge at the jewelry competition Couture, Las Vegas. What are some of the most exciting pieces you encountered?

It was an honor to be chosen as a judge, and the judging process was a truly grueling one! I love Fernando Jorge and he was a very deserving overall winner of the diamond jewelry category. His pieces are so feminine and soft, yet structured – almost architectural.

What can people expect from the 2018 Couture competition?

Unfortunately, I have no insight into that, I will be as excited and surprised as everyone else!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry from your personal collection?

Apart from my engagement and wedding rings, my favorite piece is my large purple Spinel ring. I call it my ‘power ring’ because the big impressive stone feels mythical, like it gives me energy!

Instagram is increasingly important in the world of jewelry. Do you have any advice for artists starting an account?

The quality of your content is everything. Consistency is much more important than frequency , so two great posts a week are far better than five mediocre posts. If you pay attention to quality content, then eventually, your audience will find you! The quality of your content is everything, consistency is much more important than frequency!! Click To Tweet

How is Katerina Perez Website ( different from its competitors?

Social media has changed the way that many readers find my website. For me, I have a niche in fine jewelry and am a trained gemologist, so my platform is one which features long-form articles, interviews, and real insight into design and the art of jewelry. From Jaume Labro we appreciate the inputs of Katerina Perez and hope our readers enjoyed this short interview.