Inspiring Sitting Down with Sustainable Jewelry’s Jose Luis Fettolini

Jose Luis Fettolini Sustainable Jewelry
Since founding his E-learning platform, Workshop R2, Jose Luis Fettolini has combined his love of jewelry design with educational and consultation services. There, his clients (which include international companies, brands, and jewelers) study marketing strategies, ethical and sustainable practices, and emotional branding for high-end fashion and jewelry brands. Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Fettolini’s work, as evidenced by his book Sustainable Jewelry, and his frequent collaboration with Fairmined®, a certification process that assures responsible and environmentally-friendly gold mining standards. In addition to his many passions, Fettolini has worked for reputable firms in the industry like Adolfo Dominguez, Epaulettes, Oro Vivo, and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, among numerous others.

Jose Luis Fettolini, how does one design a successful jewelry collection?

After many years working as a jewelry designer, I’ve understood that, to create a great collection or jewelry piece, you first have to identify your own inspiration, style, and values as a designer or brand. Only then can you connect with your customer, and understand who they are and what their desires are. Of course, having incredible talent allows you to balance the creative and analytical.

How do you see new brands and designers reaching their intended customers?

Offering attractive designs with great quality is not enough to obtain a solid foothold in the market. Today, every designer must be creative, not only in creating jewelry pieces. Creative storytelling as an extra value is absolutely necessary for any branding strategy to be able to connect with prospective customers.

What role does branding play in new jewelry enterprises?

Jose Luis Fettolini - branding in jewelry enterprises
Branding is an incredibly powerful tool, and each brand must take it seriously to develop their projects. It can make all the difference in the world, and is essential to transfer product value to the customers.

Why do designers need to stay up-to-date with global trends?

As artists, we have to follow our own creativity, but it’s necessary to have a real connection with societal evolution to keep our perspectives fresh and interesting. By analyzing everything around us (not only in the jewelry industry), other disciplines can reveal tremendous inspiration. The big challenge is to adapt to a trend without losing your vision or personality.

What importance does craftsmanship have on design?

I don’t believe that craftsmanship has an enormous future, and think that design must find an alternative to increase a piece’s value. New luxuries must meet a challenge that combines both technique and innovative design, because of today’s demand for mass production. Essentially, craftsmanship needs design and design needs craftsmanship.

What is exactly the “new luxury” you’re referring to?

New luxury is all about excellence, far from the well-known and popular brands. It takes every detail into consideration like a material’s origin and quality, craftsmanship techniques, and innovative designs which offer a unique or bespoke design.

In coming years, what trends do you expect to see from the luxury jewelry industry?

I hope that all companies begin to take more responsibility about the transparency of their supply chain, and also evaluate the impact that individual actions have had on different communities.

How prepared are up-and-coming jewelry designers and artists?

Jose Luis Fettolini - Interview - Jewelry trends
To have a jewelry brand or commercialized artistic jewelry, too many schools are not capable of teaching precisely what is necessary for success. To have great jewelry-making skills or artistic capacities is not enough to succeed. You need a realistic project, the right competitive streak, and you must be able to reach a niche market, whether that’s in fashion, fine jewelry, or artistic jewelry.

How does Workshop R2 help jewelry designers?

Workshop R2 instructs designers on how to be more creative in general conception, not only with designing, but also in creating marketing strategies, effective communication skills, sustainable practices, and how to set themselves apart from their competitors. Jose Luis Fettolini, offers as well special in-person programs, like Injewelry Workshop support talented artists by providing them with a global networking perspective, and giving them the necessary skills to bring their gorgeous ideas to life.