How Does the Gemstone Size Chart Affect Your Custom Fine Jewelry?

Amethyst Gemstones Size Charts - Jaume Labro Custom Jewelry

Whenever you begin investigating the purchase of gemstones, you soon discover that the weight or carat value of a gem is used to describe its size. This measurement is based on gemstone weights. But now, you may have come across something called the gemstones size chart, and are wondering why you should take this into account when choosing a gemstone.

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What Makes a Gemstone Unique?

What makes Diamond Ring Unique, Gemstones, Jaume Labro Custom Jewelry

In addition to using the 4 C’s of Diamonds chart, how can you determine the value of a precious or semi-precious gemstone? What should you be on the lookout for when you purchase your next diamond, ruby, or even tsavorite? Choosing a precious stone for unique fine jewelry can be an overwhelming experience, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to help you through the process.

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The Myths and Meanings of Your Favorite Gemstones

The Myths and Meanings of Your Favorite Gemstones - Jaume Labro Custom Jewelry

The continued demand for diamonds and other precious gemstones has resulted in hundreds of years of destruction of ecosystems and whole communities. At Jaume Labro, we follow the route of each gemstone and guarantee that we only purchase the highest-quality pieces which follow the strictest restrictions and regulations.

That said, choosing a gemstone can be a tough process, and we’d like to make that process a bit easier. So here is a list of our favorite gemstones to work with and some facts that may influence your next custom jewelry piece!

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