Traditional and Unique Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Traditional and Unique Wedding Band Engraving Ideas - Mokume Gane Rings - Custom Jewelry by Jaume Labro

Selecting the perfect wedding ring can take an incredible amount of patience and skill. After carefully considering your budget, you need to take sizing, band width, metalwork, and gemstones into account. Does your bride-to-be desire ethical gold and eco-friendly diamonds? Will you design your own wedding ring with a jeweler, purchase one directly from the case or perhaps go the vintage route?

When these swirling questions are finally out of the way, couples are often surprised at the final hurdle: should they include an engraving? Silly and treasured, timeless and one-of-a-kind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite wedding band engraving ideas. Whichever one you choose, an inscription makes it yours forever.

Traditional Ring Engraving Ideas

Engraving love quotes into wedding bands has been popular with couples from time immemorial. Romans and Greeks would often imbue their rings with phrases of fidelity and love, and the tradition carried on through poesy rings from the 5th to 16th centuries. These popular engraved rings ran the spectrum from platonic to amorous feelings and offered the wearer the opportunity to personalize an otherwise simple band. Some quotes about love and marriage included, “As gold is pure, so love is sure” and “My love by this presented is.”

Today, while modern wedding ring inscriptions have changed quite a bit, many have followed the same principles.

Initials and Dates

For many, a simple addition of a wedding date is a beautiful encapsulation of the joining of lives. Some grooms and brides may add initials to make a ring just a bit more personal.

Religious Verses

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Religious passages have always been popular options for inscriptions. Depending on the length, however, it may be best to go with the verse number. Some Christian verses to consider include 1 John 4:7 and Corinthians 13:4. For Jewish wedding ring inscriptions, Song of Solomon 6:3 and Ruth 1:16 are both heartfelt and timeless adages of love.

Song Lyrics

Is there a lyric that you both feel epitomizes your special relationship? Do you have a favorite verse from the first song you ever danced to? Was your first kiss at the perfect crescendo of a favorite musician’s piece? Beautiful memories like these are excellent additions to your wedding ring.

A Cute Phrase or Joke

Maybe you’re known for your wit and sense of humor. Each time your partner takes their ring off to do housework or repairs, a short reminder like “Put me back on!” will have your partner smiling. Other contenders include: “You’re stuck with me now!” and “Don’t even think about it!”

Creative Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Creative Wedding Band Engraving Ideas - Custom Jewelry by Jaume Labro

If the above options don’t speak to you, never fear: the options for inscriptions are almost limitless.

Love in Any Language

While Latin is considered a ‘dead’ language, there’s something stunning and timeless about it on gold jewelry. Do you have a different mother tongue? Include an ‘I love you’ in your native language for an extra-sweet gesture. Always be sure to double-check with the jeweler, however, to ensure that the font and script are precisely what you desire.

Cute and/or Embarrassing Nicknames

Whether it’s a standard “Darling” or a more awkward “Pookie Pie”, nicknames are wonderful additions to any wedding band. Even better: only the two of you will know what’s written there.

An Inside Joke

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Is there a word or short phrase that makes the two of you laugh uncontrollably? If you’re a duo that’s always cracking each other up, why not make it permanent with a hilarious inscription?

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

One of the most commonly requested images is an infinity sign, which illustrates the everlasting bond between a married couple. If your partner has “Obsessive Disney Disorder”, why not include an iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette? Maybe the two of your share a favorite emoji that encapsulates a long-standing joke in your relationship.

Most jewelers can incorporate a design of your choosing, so long as it’s simple enough to etch onto a small area.

The Scene of the Crime (of Passion)

Perhaps it was love at first sight in San Francisco. Maybe you fell madly in love on Machu Picchu. Wherever Cupid struck first, consider incorporating that location’s coordinates into your wedding band.

Longer Quotes Can Be Split Between You

If a meaningful love quote, lyric, or poem takes up too much space on your wedding band, consider breaking it up and sharing them between the two. It’s a romantic and fitting notion that the two rings – like you – are each other’s halves.

Jaume Labro Offers the Best in Ring Engraving

Mokume Gane Wedding Bands - Custom Jewelry by Jaume Labro

Though space is limited, an engraving can have an enormous impact. Because the process is one of the last steps of ring-making, you have plenty of time to deliberate on precisely what you want to say. Whatever you decide, an engraving should speak to you and your partner’s unique and special relationship.

Each element of your wedding ring symbolizes your special relationship. At Jaume Labro, we create custom wedding rings that are as special as the bond you share. Browse our Mokume Gane wedding bands to begin planning the next chapter of your lives together.