For thousands of years, human beings have loved to adorn their fingers with rings. The crude, twisted pieces of wire and roughly hammered pieces from millennia ago have evolved into the bespoke fine jewelry rings of today. And just as the people of ages past attached significance to rings, so rings are given and received as items that mark life’s milestones today.

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Rings are beautiful, and earrings complement any look, but nothing is as striking as a Mokume Gane necklace or pendant. Magnificent, swirling patterns of pink, green, yellow, or white gold with silver and palladium accents combine to match your personal taste and style. Add to that a mini-galaxy of diamonds, a striking opal, or a glowing citrine or sapphire, to complement the gold patterns. Each brings the other into prominence and enhances the overall impression of elegance in a graceful synergy that could only come from Jaume Labro’s studio.

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As every style guru knows, true elegance lies in choosing the perfect accessories. Though some women may overlook the brooch as an important accessory, you know that this finishing touch can set your style apart. And if you’re looking for a versatile item, Jaume Labro has a clever design that allows you to wear your designer jewelry either as a brooch or a pendant.

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Fine jewelry accessories help women of taste to stand out from the crowd. But men can also add subtle, masculine, yet striking accessories to add a distinctive touch. Of these, the ring, the money clip, and the tie pin are certainly among the first to spring to mind. Regardless of gender, people of taste will find fine jewelry accessories that will suit the most exacting requirements in Jaume Labro’s collection. Whether you are seeking understated elegance or prefer to make a bolder statement, our studio caters to your needs.

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While Jaume Labro is most famous for Mokume Gane engagement and wedding rings, our expert metalwork, stunning gemstones, and sustainable materials set our fine jewelry apart.

With such superlative materials and incredibly capable hands, our bespoke fine jewelry pieces are the perfect way to commemorate life’s most beautiful events.

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