Mokume Engagement Rings

When you pledge to marry the person you love, your engagement ring serves as a token of that eternal promise. A Mokume Gane engagement ring is an enduring symbol of dedication and – along with your wedding ring – is the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.

Mokume Engagement Rings: Special, Unique, Entirely Yours

With such powerful significance, your engagement ring should be nothing less than remarkable. Each design element – from conflict-free diamonds to ethical gold – is carefully chosen to honor your eternal union.

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Jaume Labro is dedicated to providing the best bespoke fine jewelry experience possible. Our handcrafted engagement rings are an enduring symbol of a couple’s love and dedication. Along with wedding rings, they are the most important article of jewelry anyone will wear. That’s why we design these showstopping creations to be treasured for lifetimes.

We believe that your engagement ring should only have the most beautiful connotations, which is why Jaume Labro ensures the highest quality materials to produce our sustainable jewelry.

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