Men's Wedding Bands

A wedding ring is much more than a piece of precious jewelry: it symbolizes the eternal bond and love between two people. This symbol will be a part of your lives from this day forward.

From hammered gold rings to intricate Mokume Gane bands, our skilled artisans create men’s wedding rings that are as unique as your husband-to-be personality. When he says “I do”, our expert team will ensure that the Jaume Labro wedding band you’ve chosen fits his unique specifications perfectly.

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Unisex Wedding Rings

It can be difficult to choose the perfect engagement ring or wedding band. That’s why our design team works with each couple to design stunning fine jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime.

They say that the love between two people is unique, so why shouldn’t your wedding bands follow that same logic? We believe that the intricacy of our designs lays the foundation for a perfect ring: It is the only one in the world, much like the love shared between you and your partner.

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Wedding Band Sets

A wedding ring is an age-old symbol of two lovers’ eternal bond. An increasingly popular trend, Jaume Labro’s Mokume Gane wedding bands sets are precisely crafted. Their one-of-a-kind patterns reflect the genuinely unique bond you share. 

Discover our wedding rings set collection, carefully designed with love.

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Minimalist Wedding Rings

Understandably, your wedding ring is one of life’s greatest treasures. This is precisely why this prized possession requires expert precision, exceptional materials, and unparalleled jewelry design.

At first glance, our ZEN minimalist wedding rings may appear very simple. Upon closer inspection, however, these bespoke wedding bands reveal exceptional craftsmanship. With their colored precious metals, geometric lines, and flawless diamonds, these modern designs are true masterpieces.

Discover more about ZEN, our extraordinary Mokume Gane wedding ring collection, designed with timeless elegance inspiration.

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