Conflict-Free Diamonds


Our diamonds don’t contribute to human misery. Your hand crafted jewellery doesn’t finance wars.

Ensuring that the history of your diamond is as pure as the light it reflects is important to Labro. Regular Kimberly Conflict-Free Diamond Certification has been found to leave many loopholes open, so at Labro, we are determined to go the extra mile when sourcing your precious stones.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Are a True Symbol of Love

Ethically sourced diamonds are harder to find than many people realize. When we purchase these precious stones, we follow the supply chain from the mine to the stone cutter to the dealer. Only when a diamond has benefitted each person who has touched it–and has helped the broader community and the environment–is it worthy to be regarded as a symbol of love.

We make it our business to know where to buy conflict-free diamonds that meet and exceed the official definition of the term. You have our full assurance that only the finest ethical diamonds will be used in your bespoke jewelry from Labro.

Eco Diamonds Make the World a Better Place

Jaume Labro shares your concern for the environment.Our diamonds are mined with respect for the earth and its natural systems. Certain mining companies will even work to rehabilitate areas that fall outside the area impacted by their operations. You can wear your ethically mined diamonds with pride, knowing that your jewelry benefited the planet.

Ethical Conflict-Free Diamonds: Because You Care

Diamonds have vast symbolic importance to those who give, receive and wear them. Knowing that the diamonds you choose have always represented everything that is good and beautiful matters as much to you as it matters to us.
An ethical diamond is more than just conflict-free. Each aspect of its origins is carefully examined and considered, which includes its environmental impact.
Ethical diamonds are rarer than you may ever have believed, but with Labro, you need only concern yourself with choosing the perfect design for your custom made jewelry. As ethical diamond retailers, we exceed the jewelry industry’s standards.