At Labro, we don’t just believe in doing business in an ethical way, we also strive to make the world a better place. We not only want to make our contribution, we want our clients to feel confident in the knowledge that by choosing Labro, they’re also doing something beautiful for those who need it most. The jewelry we make is more than just ethical jewelry. It goes above and beyond that.

How Can Jewelry be Sustainable?

To make truly sustainable jewelry, we not only avoid any materials or processes you may not be comfortable with, but also seek out those with positive impact. Thus, even before you wear your designer jewelry. Fine designer jewelry from Jaume Labro speaks of more than just your love of beauty and superb craftsmanship. We set ourselves apart through our sustainable jewelry ethic and our efforts to contribute towards causes that build a brighter future for our planet. We do this not only because we care, but because we know that you care.

All jewelry at Jaume Labro, has positive associations. Jewelry is deeply symbolic, and we want to ensure that your jewelry from Labro symbolizes nothing but that which is beautiful and good.

Taking Conflict-Free Diamonds to the Next Level

Did you know that a Kimberly Process approved conflict free diamond may still be linked to countless abuses of human beings and the environment? Sourcing ethical diamonds involves a great deal of diligence. At Jaume Labro, we believe that your diamond, as a thing of beauty that is used to symbolize eternal love, should have a history that befits the emotions with which it is given and received. This begins with the way it is mined.

From the mine, we track the entire supply chain to ensure that your diamond has benefited every person who has touched it or worked with it. Conflict free diamond rings from Labro fit specifications that are much more stringent than the Kimberly Process. It only ensures that diamonds have not been used to pay for civil wars.

At Labro, we take conflict-free diamonds to the next level by asking questions about how mining companies treat the natural environment, how they treat their workers, and whether the diamonds bring benefits to local communities.

Eco-Friendly Gold

Gold: it’s one of nature’s wonders, but gold mines have a secret that they are hiding from people like you. To extract gold from ore, mountains of toxic waste are created, threatening water resources, and affecting human health through airborne particles. That’s why Jaume Labro has pledged to use only recycled gold for the jewelry he crafts for you.

If we take environmental damage into consideration, ethical gold is hard to come by, but it is possible to overcome this by using gold that was taken from the earth a long time ago. Think about it: people have been mining gold for thousands of years. It never gets spoiled. It remains pristine. Why not re-use pre-loved gold?

Once it has been purified, re-alloyed and remade, eco-friendly gold is exactly the same as metal that has been lying under the earth’s crust for millennia – but without the environmental damage of the mining and ore refining process. This fact alone adds to the beauty of Labro’s jewelry.

When you buy ethical gold jewelry from Labro, you have the privilege of knowing that every element of the ring considers other human beings and the planet.

Better Future for Children From a War-Ravaged Land

Buying really special and unique jewelry for yourself or for someone you love can benefit others when you choose Labro. He has searched the world over for worthy, underfunded charities that will benefit from your purchase.

Children in Sierra Leone long to break free of the cycle of poverty and get a decent education, but makeshift school buildings and a lack of teachers hamper their learning. We help them to build a better future for themselves by funding an amazing non-profit that uses every cent it collects to benefit these kids.

Five percent of the work that goes into your jewelry item, representing five percent of the purchase price, goes directly towards building a better future for children in need. As you celebrate one of life’s milestones with fine jewelry from Labro, you’ll have something extra to celebrate!

Forest Protection Program

The world’s forests are under threat, and Platbos Forest, home to many ancient trees was badly burned in a runaway fire several years ago. With the help of your purchase from Jaume Labro, volunteers will grow and plant a tree in the forest for under $10. You can even get the GPS coordinates!

The threatened forest is located in South Africa, one of the world’s largest producers of gold and diamonds, so it’s fitting that your special tree will be planted here, providing a habitat for animals and other plants as the forest is lovingly restored.

Labro’s support of this environmental charity reflects the designer’s dedication to dealings that go beyond the ethical. Not doing any harm is a good start, but doing good takes this a step further. Your eco-friendly jewelry from Labro is beautiful through and through, and in its own small way, it’s making a positive difference that continues to give for centuries to come.

Sustainable Jewelry: Celebrating True Beauty in Every Way

The deep significance of precious custom-made jewelry reaches new heights when you choose Labro as your personal jewelry designer. Not only is each piece crafted individually with its wearer in mind, but every component provides benefits to communities and the environment. Sustainable jewelry is a reality with Labro.

  • Ethical diamonds benefit communities in diamond-producing countries and are mined with consideration for the natural environment.
  • Recycled gold prevents dangerous pollution and other forms of environmental and social damage.
  • Ethical suppliers have social and environmental programs that benefit the human and natural environment.
  • Finally, Labro donates 5 percent of his profit to important causes while working on your jewelry by contributing much-needed funding.

So, when you admire your beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, you will not only think about the occasion it commemorates or the giver of a precious gift – you will also know that it has given back to the earth and its inhabitants.

Find Out More

On this website, you will find full-length articles on the various sustainability issues we have touched on here. You’ll also discover the inspiring stories behind the causes we support, why we chose them, and how you can directly contribute to these remarkable initiatives with your purchases.

If you’d like to know more about our sustainable jewelry, contact us, and if you’re ready to design your signature jewelry with Jaume Labro, nothing is simpler than making your appointment with the creatives behind the scenes. Let’s share our vision for creating a better planet through your sustainable jewelry today.



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