FAQs About Jaume Labro's Handcrafted, Ethical Jewelry


We the only Mokume Gane studio that uses 18k gold alloys in their designs, unlike other studios which use 14k gold alloys and palladium. A ring worn for a lifetime deserves only the purest precious metals.

Our rings are made in Japan, strictly following the centuries-old Mokume Gane method. Because our team is both European and Japanese, we combine this Japanese metalworking tradition with a creative, modern approach. All of our pieces are entirely handcrafted and custom made, each as unique as the person wearing it.

To showcase our beautiful Mokume Gane patterns, we recommend ring widths from 3mm to 6mm. Anything beyond 6mm takes away from the piece’s grace and beauty. That said, we can customize any width according to our customers’ wishes.

From studying as a gemologist and goldsmith to crawling in precious stone mines throughout the world, Jaume Labro is known for its attention to detail. We are known for combining the finest materials and superb craftsmanship with the highest of ethics and values. To understand our vision and commitment to sustainability and excellence, please read about Jaume Labro’s mission.

We never use any copper in our Mokume Gane due to durability. Mokume Gane made with copper alloys do not withstand daily wear, and become corroded when worn regularly. Our goal at Jaume Labro is to create jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Each ring is wholly customizable. You can choose between a wide range of Mokume Gane variations, widths, profiles (flat or dome), and add any type of precious gemstones and engraved messages. We create your piece for you and you alone. Please contact us for further questions regarding customization.

While you can be fitted by a reputable jeweler, we highly recommend using our ring gauges. We send them directly to you to ensure a perfect fit. Please view our Sizing Guide for more information.

Just like any jewelry, we recommend to avoid exposing your Jaume Labro piece to any strong chemicals. If you want to revive the matte surface of your ring, use a wet sponge like and softly scrub the ring with very little pressure. Cleaning your ring 1-2 times a year should be more than enough. If you have a deeper scratch or would like Jaume Labro to clean your ring, please let us know and we will assist you.

We only use recycled precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium and silver). These metals are recycled and refined for highest purity. By using recycled gold, we avoid metal mining’s use of mercury and other highly contaminant metals that pollute rivers and communities surrounding mines. Please read more about Our Values and Sustainability.


Absolutely! We only use diamonds tracked by the Kimberley Process. These conflict-free diamonds are provided by the most reputable suppliers who guarantee their workers fair wages and safe working conditions. Read more about how we choose our Conflict-Free Diamonds.

Yes, all diamonds larger than 0.20ct hold reports from the GIA laboratory and CGL laboratory (using GIA grading standards).

Yes, you can absolutely upgrade your diamond. For details, please read our Diamond Upgrade page.


Our jewelry pieces are typically delivered from 4-6 weeks after ordering, but rush options are available upon request. For loose diamond purchases – and depending on the country origin – you can generally expect 6-12 days for delivery.

Each package is covered by insured shipping, and we use only the most reputable international carriers. You can learn more in in our Shipping section.

We accept Paypal, major credit cards, bank wire transfers and also have layaway program. Please read more about our Payment Terms.

We offer a lifetime guarantee for all our pieces. Please read more in our Guarantee section.

We love creating jewelry while giving back, and believe this sets us apart from our competitors. Please have a look at the Education Program and Forest Program that Jaume Labro supports, and to which we donate a portion of each purchase.


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