Diamond Upgrade Program

Diamond upgrade program

When you purchase a diamond from Jaume Labro, we commit to being your Jeweler for Life. This means that you are automatically eligible for a diamond upgrade program on all our GIA graded diamonds. Your diamond purchased from Jaume Labro can thus be exchanged for a more valuable one, and the price you paid will be credited against the purchase of a diamond that is at least double the value of your initial diamond’s purchase price.

Your upgrade credit will not include any duties or taxes paid on your initial purchase, and any duties or taxes due on your new purchase remain your responsibility and must still be paid in full.
If you would like specialist advice before finalizing your diamond purchase, please call our offices at +81 (0) 80 3835 7123 from Monday to Friday between 09:00am an18:00pm. We are located in Japan (GMT +09:00 hours), so clients from the US and Canada may prefer to call us at (+1) 636-233-1005 or send an email. Alternatively, you can email us your phone number and a preferred consultation time, and we will call back to provide detailed personal assistance.


To qualify for an upgrade, diamond transactions must fulfill the following conditions:

* Your diamond is GIA certified and was purchased from Jaume Labro.

* 100 % of the original cost of your diamond will be credited provided that the new diamond has a purchase price of at least double the price of your original stone.

* The diamond must be in an undamaged condition and must be accompanied by your original diamond grading report.

* The value credited does not include the value of the setting.
* If your new diamond fits the original setting, we will place it in the original setting.

* If the setting will not fit your new diamond, you can choose a new setting, but its full price will be charged.

* If Jaume Labro did not set your diamond, you should retain the setting and only return the diamond.

Diamond Grading Reports:

* All diamonds returned for upgrade must be accompanied by the original diamond grading report. This must be in good condition or additional fees may be levied.

The Diamond Upgrade Program is automatically offered to clients in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. If you are in another country, please contact us to determine whether you are eligible to take advantage of this offer. Your upgrade purchase must be finalized in the same currency you used to purchase your original stone.


Jaume Labro Private Appraisal
Appraisal documents reflect an approximation of the retail value of your fine jewelry. This means that you have an accepted valuation for insurance purposes, ensuring that you receive approximate market value remuneration from your insurance company in the event of loss or theft. Insurance agencies accept appraisal documents as proof of the value of your jewelry items. However, since appraisals are conducted using current market values, it may be necessary to update them from time to time. The document includes the GIA Report Number and details the materials and craftsmanship and the value they contribute to the item.

Labro supplies appraisal documents with the following items:

* Diamond engagement rings $1,000 and over

* Wedding Rings $1,000 and over

* Diamond and gemstone fine jewelry $1,000 and over


Jaume Labro strives to minimize the environmental impact of the packaging. That’s why we like to use recycled materials to create our jewelry packaging whenever possible. When we ship your ring, we use a cardboard box with a customized foam liner to keep your package safe during the shipment. Whenever possible, both foam and cardboard box will be manufactured from recycled materials and the inks used for the printing will be vegetable oil-based inks (not mineral oil based inks) as we strive to minimize our environmental footprint. We encourage you to repurpose your packaging to create a “green-chain” and give greater meaning to our efforts by sharing our vision. Please email us at info@jaumelabro.com and we can assist you in any GIA or other lab report you are interested. Also you can let us through our contact us form.