Ethical Gold for Jewelry You Can Wear with Pride

When you wear beautiful, handmade jewelry, you want to be certain that the precious metal has been produced in harmony with the planet. Jaume Labro shares this desire.

From both environmental and human standpoints, the gold mining industry may not be as ethical as one might hope.

For this reason, Labro chooses eco-friendly gold for all his handmade art jewelry.

For this reason, Labro chooses eco-friendly gold for all his handmade art jewelry.

Recycled Gold is the Purest Gold

Apart from being kind to our planet, recycled gold is also the purest form of gold on the market. Once refined, all impurities are completely removed, allowing master goldsmiths to create beautiful alloys that are truly pure and beautiful in every way.

By choosing ethical gold, the history of the precious metal and its quality are untainted, so only positive associations are attached to your custom jewelry design.

Ethical Gold For Jewelry Matches Labro’s Design Philosophy

At Labro, we find that our clients’ principles match our own.

We are therefore proud to offer any precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium and silver, all recycled locally in Japan, with a positive social and environmental impact. Truly zero-kilometer gold with a neutral CO2 carbon footprint combining the highest quality standards and values. We go green!

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