FAQs about Mokume Gane Bridal Rings, Handcrafted and Ethical Jewelry

Why Does Jaume Labro Have Such a Sterling Reputation?

Since 2006, Jaume Labro has worked to introduce new and innovative methods to purchase bespoke fine jewelry and exceptional gemstones. Our experienced team of professional designers and artisans aim to uphold our reputation as one of the most respected Mokume Gane makers in the world.

What Sets Jaume Labro Jewelry Apart?

Jaume Labro is an expert gemologist and goldsmith who has literally crawled through precious stone mines to find and create the most exceptional bespoke jewelry pieces. Renowned for its attention to detail, our company combines the finest materials and superb craftsmanship, and takes pride in the values and ethics applied to each jewelry piece.

Where Is Your Jewelry Made?

All of our jewelry is handmade at our studio in Japan by master craftsmen with decades of experience.

Why Should I Choose Jaume Labro?

Unlike traditional jewelers, our non-commissioned gemologists and jewelry experts are available for one-on-one consultations 24/7. We offer phone support, live chat, and e-mail with non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts. We believe that you should shop the way you want, without pressure and hassle, and are committed to ensuring that each client receives the perfect design and fit – right to their doorstep.

Where Can I Find Your Customer Reviews?

We are only happy if our clients are happy. That’s why we proudly boast a top review score on our Reviews page. These reviews reveal the education, guidance, and value that Jaume Labro provides –  all from the comfort of your home.

Is There a Physical Jaume Labro Store?

Though we primarily sell our fine jewelry and gemstones online, Jaume Labro has partnered with retailers in multiple countries.

Where Can I See Your Most Recent Jewelry Creations?

At our Instagram profile (@jaumelabro), you will be able to scroll through hundreds of bespoke pieces that have been created for clients. We invite you to see new jewelry trends, discover aesthetic ideas, or find inspiration from our wide range of designs. If you’d like, we’d be delighted to feature your bespoke jewelry piece upon completion.

Does Jaume Labro Support Charities or Environmental Organizations?

5% of each jewelry purchase contributes to an education program and reforestation program in Sierra Leone hat Jaume Labro supports, and to which we donate a portion of each purchase.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Jewelry Piece?

We aim to complete standard orders within 6-8 weeks, however, certain intricate and elaborate designs may require 8-12 weeks. If you need a piece rushed or finished by a certain date, please let our design team know. We are happy to offer faster delivery options.

If We Place an Order Overseas, Can We Pick up Jewelry from Your Studio Atelier in Japan?

If you have plans to travel to Japan for a visit, you can place an order in advance and pick up your unique jewelry piece(s). Please let us know the dates of your visit so we can schedule an appointment.
Note: We are not able to hand over purchases unless payment has been completed in full.

Does Jaume Labro Offer International Shipping?

We ship to most countries. Unfortunately, due to certain custom regulations, there are some countries FedEx cannot deliver. Our customer experience team and our Shipping page can provide more information.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We accept major credit cards.

Why Is the Jaume Labro Studio Atelier Appointment Only?

Our clients deserve our undivided attention in a comfortable environment. Therefore, we require advance appointments for our Tokyo and Kanagawa locations. This allows us to provide one-on-one meetings with our specialists.

Does Your Studio Atelier Offer Virtual Consultations?

Our overseas clients are encouraged to book 45-minute, one-on-one virtual consultations with our specialists. During this time, our team will guide you through selecting the ideal diamond, reviewing metalworking patterns, perfecting your bespoke jewelry design, and much more. There is absolutely no pressure to make a purchase.

Why Are Jaume Labro Mokume Gane Designs Unique?

Our team is composed of European and Japanese members, and we combine the time-honored Japanese metalworking tradition with a creative, modern approach. Our “wood grain metal” rings are handmade by metalworking artisans in Japan and strictly follow the centuries-old Mokume Gane method. Because each of our pieces is entirely bespoke, they are as unique as the wearer.

Are Mokume Gane Pieces Durable?

While it’s easier to utilize 24K and platinum in the Mokume Gane process, our goal is to create pieces that last a lifetime. Through decades of experience, we have discovered success in using harder precious metals (like 18K gold and Silver 925) to increase the durability of a jewelry piece.

What Is a Mokume Gane Billet?

A Mokume Gane billet is a solid block of precious and semi-precious metals that are forged using high heat and pressure.
How Is the Mokume Gane Pattern Created?
After metal billets are fused and flattened, our master artisans create Mokume patterns by skillfully carving the outer layers of metal to reveal layers beneath.

Which Mokume Gane Patterns Are Available to Choose from?

While no two jewelry pieces are identical, we encourage our customers to choose from our range of Mokume Gane patterns and metal combinations.

What Types of Bespoke Jewelry Does Jaume Labro Create?

Though we are best known for wedding and engagement rings, Jaume Labro provides a stunning collection of pendants, earrings, bracelets, tie clips, cufflinks, money clips, and much more.

Can I Create a Custom Jewelry Design?

Each and every Jaume Labro jewelry design is wholly customizable. You can select from an incredible range of Mokume Gane patterns, metal variations, sizes, ring profiles (e.g. flat or dome), precious gemstones, and engravings. If you have a unique idea in mind, our expert design team is also available to bring your own vision to life. We will work with you every step of the way until your dream piece is completed.

I Already Have a Design in Mind – Can You Make It?

Absolutely, it is our pleasure to bring your idea to life. Please book a design consultation with our customer experience team so we can provide you with a quote. Be sure to provide any and all materials (i.e. pictures of your ideal design) to the consultation.

Do You Make Baby Rings?

Yes. Please inform one of our design experts during your initial meeting. Many couples hope to make their baby’s ring from the same Mokume Gane billet as their bespoke wedding bands.

How Do I Find the Perfect Ring for My Partner?

We understand that purchasing an engagement ring can be incredibly stressful. This is why our consultants will assist you through purchasing diamonds and designing a ring with your partner’s style in mind.

For more inspiration, please consult our guide on selecting the most flattering engagement ring settings.

If you’re looking to keep your engagement ring as a surprise, please refer to our guide on secretly finding your partner’s ring size.

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

While your ring size can be determined by a reputable jeweler, we highly recommend using our own ring gauges. We will send them directly to you to ensure a perfect fit (these must be shipped back to us afterwards). For more details, please view our Sizing Guide.

How Do I Choose the Optimal Ring Band Width?

To showcase your beautiful Mokume Gane pattern, we recommend choosing ring widths between 3mm and 6mm. We believe that anything beyond 6mm can take away from your piece’s grace and beauty. That said, we are able to customize any ring width according to your wishes.

Can I Choose an Alternative Center Stone for My Engagement Ring?

Since each jewelry design is entirely custom, you can select nearly any size or shape of gemstone to create an alternative engagement ring.

What Diamond Sizes Are Used in the Rings Featured on Your Website?

For the engagement rings pictured on our website, we typically use ethical diamonds that are between 0.25ct to 0.50ct. For your custom ring design, you are encouraged to select smaller or larger sizes.

Can I Use My Own Diamonds in a Jaume Labro Piece?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept a client’s personal gemstones to be set into Jaume Labro jewelry. We do, however, offer unparalleled, exclusive diamond selection. Compared to a few hundred selections at traditional jewelry stores, our 30,000+ independently-graded diamonds come with a best price guarantee.

Can You Set My Ring with a Lab-Grown Diamond?

By default, we use natural, ethical diamonds in our jewelry. However, upon request, we can use man-made or lab-grown diamonds upon request.

Do You Provide Ring Engraving?

We are able to engrave up to 21 letters and symbols (including spaces) on your ring band. However, this depends on the ring design. For inspiration, we’ve put together ring engraving ideas.

Is Ring Engraving Available in Different Scripts & Languages?

Almost always, but we first need to check with our craftsmen. During the design process, please share the message with our design team and we will respond accordingly.

Should you wish to add engraving to your ring sometime in the future, an additional service charge starts at $90 USD. Please contact us for details.

What Finishes Are Available for My Ring?

All of our Mokume Gane rings come with either a matte or polished finish. A matte ring has a softer reflection and reveals the Mokume Gane pattern more clearly. This is preferable for subtle color combinations. A polished ring comes with a cleaner, sharper finish (and will also enhance the sparkle of gemstones).

For some rings, you can choose to have rounded edges that provide a softer, more curved appearance.

Can I Order a Single Ring (Not a Pair)?

We are happy to create standalone pieces for all of our clients.

Do You Make Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands for LGBTQ+ Couples?

Yes, of course. Jaume Labro is proud to provide a welcoming experience for all couples who are seeking beautiful, custom rings.

When Should I Order My Engagement or Wedding Ring?

We encourage our clients to place their orders at least 2 months before the needed date. This provides enough time for engraving, resizing, alterations, and shipping without feeling rushed.

How Much Do Jaume Labro Rings Cost?

Prices vary significantly and depend on the metal(s), finger sizes, band width, and whether gemstones or embellishments are included. Most typically, a Mokume Gane engagement ring averages about $3,800 while wedding bands can cost anywhere from $1,650 to $4,000.

Can I Purchase a Jaume Labro Piece on a Budget?

Absolutely. Once we understand your preferences, our design team can identify the precious metals, diamonds, and/or gemstones that would best suit your budget. Recycling your old jewelry may also be a cost-effective option (assuming the materials are suitable to use in your chosen design).

Should I Choose Matching Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Every couple is different and every bride has a unique style. Couples are welcome to purchase rings separately for a more unique aesthetic. Remember that the engagement ring is traditionally more elaborate than the wedding band. If you decide not to purchase a matching ring set, it is recommended to choose the same metal for a more uniform look.

However, our wedding sets are created around a common theme (and with the same metal billet). This ensures that they will lay nicely on the finger together.

You aren’t alone in your decision making: Our specialists are available to walk you through every step of the process.

I Already Have the Engagement Ring – Can You Make a Matching Wedding Ring?

If you already possess the engagement ring and want us to create a matching wedding band, we will mail you our special Wedding Match Kit (and enclosed instructions) for $75. This is a straightforward way to create a matching, custom Mokume Gane wedding ring. When we receive the kit back and your order is placed, this $75 fee will be deducted from your final invoice.

Should We Choose Matching Wedding Bands?

There is no rule that a couple needs to choose matching rings. If you’d like your wedding rings to be identical, variations on a similar theme, or entirely separate designs, our designers will help you create the perfect bespoke pieces.

What Precious Metals Do You Use?

A ring worn for a lifetime deserves the purest precious metals. This is why we are the only Mokume Gane studio that uses 18k gold alloys in their designs. Our competitors typically use 14k gold alloys and palladium.

Do You Use Copper or Copper Alloys Combined with Silver (i.e. Shakudo, Shibuichi)?

We never use any copper in our Mokume Gane. When worn regularly, Mokume Gane pieces that are fashioned with copper alloys become corroded.

Can I Make Substitutions If I Have Metal Allergies?

If you have any metal allergies, please inform our design team during your selection process. We can either create a custom liner (to avoid exposing your skin) or we can use another precious metal in its place.

Are Jaume Labro Materials Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly?

Whether gold, platinum, palladium, or silver, our studio only uses precious metals that are recycled and refined for highest purity (using carbon-neutral processes). By choosing ethical gold, we actively avoid gold mining which pollutes rivers and deeply affects surrounding communities.

Learn more about our company’s commitment to sustainability.

Are Your Diamonds Ethically Sourced?

To avoid the negative connotations of diamond mining (which destabilizes entire ecosystems and the lives of locals) we go beyond the Kimberley Process by tracing each diamond and gemstone directly from the mine to our studio. We work exclusively with the world’s largest, best-established producers which are 100% compliant with Kimberley Process regulations.

This strict code of conduct ensures that every single diamond we sell is legally procured from an ethical source.

What Diamond Shapes and Sizes Can I Choose from?

Any diamond on the Jaume Labro website can be used to create a bespoke necklace, ring, or any other jewelry design.

When Should I Consider Purchasing a Diamond?

Diamond prices tend to fluctuate unpredictably. If you’re currently searching for the perfect diamond, we are able to reserve that price for a 24-hour or 48-hour period. Please note: We reserve the right to correct certain pricing errors (if applicable).

Why Do Nearly Identical Diamonds Have Such Different Prices?

As an ethical diamond retailer, we are proud to offer prices that revolve around each stone’s quality and size. If you’re interested in a diamond with a higher price, contact one of our diamond experts to review its characteristics. For example, a slightly lower clarity, color, or carat weight could save you a tremendous amount.

Note: There are plenty of effective hacks to optimize your diamond size – at any budget.

How Do You Offer Larger Diamonds at Such Reasonable Prices?

Jaume Labro removes third-party dealers by sourcing the best-quality diamonds directly from the world’s leading De Beers sightholder producers. This provides rates that are extremely affordable, especially when compared to other high-end retailers.

Are Jaume Labro Diamonds Certified?

Yes, all diamonds larger than 0.20ct hold reports from the GIA laboratory and CGL laboratory (using GIA grading standards).

Why Are Your Diamonds So Exceptional?

In addition to adhering strictly to the Kimberley Process, all of our diamonds come with a Gemological Institute of America report, the world’s leading and strictest grading authority. These grading certificates outline every conceivable attribute of your diamond, as well as a unique GIA certification number (which is microscopically lasered onto it).

We also offer diamonds with a CGL report (Central Gem Laboratory) which is the biggest lab in Japan that uses the same GIA grading. From color to clarity to cut ratings, each stone is  vigorously tested before it arrives in our Studio Atelier, ensuring the absolute highest quality available anywhere in the world.

Do You Offer Gemstones Other Than Diamonds?

Jaume Labro offers an enormous collection of loose precious gemstones and semi-precious stones in all varieties of cuts, shapes, and colors. Discover more about selecting loose gemstones (all are ethically sourced).

Can I Upgrade My Diamond?

Yes, we offer a Diamond Upgrade plan.

How Do I Care for My Mokume Gane Jewelry?

Just like any jewelry, avoid exposing your Jaume Labro piece to any strong chemicals. Metal becomes dull when it absorbs oils from your skin, so we recommend gently wiping the piece with the enclosed chamois leather cloth regularly (though any soft, dry cloth will work). When carrying out daily chores, we recommend removing your Jaume Labro piece and replacing it when you have finished.

How Can I Revive My Mokume Gane’s Surface?

To revive the matte surface of your piece, use a wet sponge to softly scrub the ring with very little pressure. If you wear your piece every day, it should be enough to clean your Mokume Gane design approximately 1-2 times a year.

If you have a deeper scratch – or would like Jaume Labro to professionally clean your piece –  please contact one of our representatives.

Will My Silver Oxidize?

Silver oxidation can be prevented by everyday use. If oxidation occurs, it can be easily cleaned by gently scouring with a wet Scotch Brite™ sponge.
To avoid oxidation entirely, you may also choose a Mokume Gane combination without silver.

Does Jaume Labro Jewelry Come with a Guarantee?

All of our pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.

Do You Clean and/or Provide Care for Jaume Labro Pieces?

All of our fine jewelry pieces come with a lifetime warranty. This includes a free cleaning service and free renewal of the surface finishing.

In the event that you ever encounter an issue with your jewelry – or are in need of other services that aren’t covered under our lifetime warranty – please contact us for details.

Can Mokume Gane Rings Be Resized?

Our Mokume Gane rings can certainly be resized by our craftsmen, but limitations may depend on the design. We will provide these details during the selection process.

Will Resizing Affect My Mokume Gane Pattern?

Resizing should not affect the patterns. However, when resizing to a bigger size, a single, almost indiscernible metal plate will likely need to be placed at the bottom of the ring.

How Much Does Ring Resizing Cost?

This depends on the design, as well as whether you wish to extend or reduce your ring size. The total cost also depends on international shipping.

How Long Does a Repair Typically Take?

Most typically, repairs take approximately 7-10 days. This includes cleaning, standard resizing, etc. Depending on the design and the condition of the ring, it may take slightly longer.
If you are traveling to Japan to have your Jaume Labro piece repaired, please contact us in advance so we can work with your travel schedule.

Can I Send in My Jaume Labro Piece for Repair?

Depending on your country, we may be able to accept repair requests under certain conditions. Shipment through FedEx must be paid by the client. Due to customs considerations, we kindly ask our clients not to ship anything to our studio without contacting us first.

If you have any additional questions regarding our FAQs about mokume gane bridal rings and ethical jewelry, just let us know here and we will reply you in detail.

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