Forest Protection Program


When Your Jewelry Helps to Save a Forest
Jaume Labro’s incredible Mokume Gane jewelry features nature-inspired wood-grain patterns wrought in gold. By ensuring that all the materials and processes that go into making his designer jewelry are sustainable, Labro already makes a contribution to the planet, but he wanted to go the extra mile.

A Greener Planet with Labro Forest Protection Program

In his search for environmental charities that use all the donations they receive to make the biggest difference possible, Labro discovered Greenpop. It’s a South African organization that actively restores forests. It also helps needy schools with greening programs, and supplies cookers to communities so that they won’t have to chop trees down to get firewood.
Greenpop’s forest restoration program inspired Labro as it will inspire you. For under $10, volunteers grow and plant a tree in an ancient forest that was badly damaged by a runaway fire a few years ago. Since nature inspires Labro, nothing could be more appropriate than the contribution of 5% of your jewelry’s purchase price to its preservation.
Greenpop has promised to send us the GPS coordinates of every tree their volunteers plant on your behalf, so perhaps you will even visit your tree a few years from now. Meanwhile, it provides shelter for birds and wildlife in one of the world’s most ancient forests.

Your Designer Jewelry Provides Treasures for the Earth

Your beautiful rings, earrings, brooches or pendants from Labro will be among the accessories that define your style, but they also show that you care for the planet. Every time you see them, you can think of the trees that are growing and thriving in a faraway forest thanks to you and Labro.

If you’d like to know more about Platbos Forest, read our interview with Misha Teasdale, the man whose inspiration started the Greenpop movement. Then, discover unique gold jewelry that captures the beauty of wood in wonderful patterns formed from the finest precious metal alloys.

If you are interested to know more about our Forest Protection Program or you want us to introduce Greenpop team, just let us know here.