About Jaume Labro

About Jaume Labro

I have learned to appreciate all that is unique and timeless based on my own experience in this world of wonders

– Jaume Labro

jaume labro Mokume gane artist and master craftsman
Jaume Labro was born in Catalunya, in a city near Barcelona. It is a land of artists, including Gaudi, Dali, and Miro. His attraction to the art of jewelry design stemmed from his love for gemstones and diamonds.

After studying gemology at GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), he became involved in gemstones and traveled to many gemstone sources, particularly those in Asia, Africa and South America, sourcing the best gemstones available.

Then magic happened…

A transition came to pass during that time. Jaume Labro wanted to go further, and create fine jewelry from the inspiring gemstones he was buying on his travels around the globe. 

For him, the gemstone was always the main “actor”, and the creative design process would be determined, at least in part, by the beauty and shape of the gem. “One of my goals is to showcase the full potential of the gem’s beauty in a piece of fine-art jewelry” he says.

He decided to channel this love for gems and diamonds into a handcrafted jewelry technique called mokume gane which originated 400 years ago in Japan.

To achieve this goal, he went to learn the technique in Japan and also studied in Switzerland where he improved his skills as a goldsmith.

jaume labro gemstone bespoke fine jewelry and bridal rings

He discovered perfection

Jaume Labro’s unique signature style is clearly influenced by his youth in artistic Barcelona, as well as by the Japanese and Swiss master craftsmanship techniques he learned. These required perfection as the only acceptable standard.
Today, he creates a cocktail of elegance and modernity combined with ancient metal-working techniques like mokume gane.
Design is like the future to me. It’s a projection of past experiences, and yet it is more varied and becomes richer as time goes by. That’s why I’m thankful for all those traveling experiences around the world. I express my love for the oceans, mountains, music, fashion, architecture, and life through my designs. I have learned to appreciate all that is unique and timeless based on my own experience in this world of wonders.

– Jaume Labro