Behind the Craft: Jaume Labro

Discover the artistry of Jaume Labro, where ancient technique meets modern elegance. Our mission is to create timeless pieces that celebrate life’s most precious moments, crafted with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

I have learned to appreciate all that is unique and timeless based on my own experience in this world of wonders

How it all started

Jaume Labro was born in Catalunya, in a city near Barcelona. His attraction to the art of jewelry design stemmed from his love for gemstones and diamonds.

Jaume became involved with gemstones after studying gemology at GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). He travelled to many gemstone mines and markets, particularly those in Asia, Africa and South America.

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Years later, he learned gemstone cutting under the tutelage of Victor Tuzlukov, considered by many the best cutter ever. This knowledge can’t be acquired unless someone like Victor guides you. In Jaume’s words, he is “not only the best gemstone cutter but an excellent teacher and even better human being”.

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Then Jaume discovered Mokume Gane

Jaume Labro wanted to go further and create fine jewelry from the inspiring gemstones he was buying on his travels around the globe.

For him, the gemstone was always the leading “actor”, and the creative design process would be determined, at least in part, by the beauty and shape of the gem. “One of my goals is to showcase the full potential of the gem’s beauty in a piece of fine-art jewelry”, he says.

He decided to channel this love for gems and diamonds into a handcrafted jewelry technique called Mokume Gane, which originated 400 years ago in Japan.

Jaume developed his signature style

Jaume Labro’s unique signature style is influenced by his youth in artistic Barcelona, as well as by some of the best Japanese masters in Kyoto, like the Nakamura family (some of them “Ningen Kokuho or National Living Treasure, which is a term for those individuals certified as Preservers of Important Intangible Japanese Cultural Properties) and a Swiss master from Basel where he learned the more “swiss” approach which is more scientific and innovative.

Jaume developed his signature

The combination of different teachers and the cultural differences were crucial to having a unique style, as seen in any of Jaume Labro’s jewels.

Today, he creates elegant jewelry that combines modern designs with ancient metal-working techniques like Mokume Gane.

Jaume developed his signature

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, from the selection of ethically sourced materials to the final touches of our handcrafted jewelry. Our mission extends beyond aesthetics, embedding a promise of sustainability and integrity in every creation. We believe in jewelry that not only adorns but also honors the environment and its inhabitants.

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Our Mission Jaume Labro

Meet Our Team

Each member of the Jaume Labro team brings a unique set of skills and a shared passion for excellence. Together, we work to bring your dreams to life, ensuring that every piece resonates with the personal touch of its creator.

  • Jaume Labro

    Jaume Labro

    Designer & Goldsmith

    Jaume focuses on designing new pieces and researching new mokume gane techniques and combinations.

  • Jeong Mizuno

    Jeong Mizuno

    Master Goldsmith

    As a master goldsmith, he is involved in crafting the most challenging pieces and managing the rest of the team.

  • Hiroko Aida

    Hiroko Aida

    Diamond & Gemstones

    She inspects all diamonds and gemstones used in our jewelry pieces to ensure the highest quality.

  • Mongui Kun

    Mongui Kun

    Apprentice & Security

    The new member is always ready to play with anyone and is in charge of guarding the coffee machine.

Just to update you that the ring has arrived.  Rick wants to keep it as a surprise so I have yet to see it. But he says that it is beautiful!!!  Thank you again so much for your patience with us, and for your beautiful craftsmanship. 

— Janice

I received the engagement ring on Friday and it was even more beautiful than it looked in the pictures! It’s the perfect size and I can’t stop looking at it! It truly is a work of art and I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to make it for me. My fiance loves it as well and we are incredibly happy with your craftsmanship and work that you put into the ring. We love it and would highly recommend your work to our friends and family.

— Alicia

I received the ring last week. It is very beautiful and just what I wanted. Thank you very much for making such a special ring for me. I will highly recommend your work to anyone that wants special jewelry made. If I am able to get back to Japan, I will try and stop by your store; I would be very happy to meet you.

— Phillips

I just got the ring and it is absolutely beautiful! I absolutely love it!

— Andrew D

The rings all look fantastic! Jess and I are very happy with them, and we continued to be surprised by your expertise.

— Dave H.

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