Mokume Gane Combinations

Mokume Gane
Metal Combinations


All of our Mokume jewelry patterns begin the same way: Our studio artisans heat and hammer precious metal billets in the ancient Japanese style until they reveal a kaleidoscope of shapes and swirls.

Available in 7 distinct Mokume combinations, our bespoke jewellery designs come in a limitless combination of 18K colored golds, platinum (Pt950), palladium, and silver. An etched or un-etched finish provides the exact surface you desire.

Though Jaume Labro is best known for its Mokume Gane rings, we invite you to discover our wide array of bespoke jewelry earrings, necklaces, and more. And no matter the selected design, our bespoke jewelry ensure that you will possess the only one of its kind.

18K White Gold / Silver
Antarctica offers a timeless metal combination of 18K white gold and silver. The subtle shades of silver and white have a simple-yet-stunning effect.

18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold / Silver
Handcrafted with contrasting silver, white gold and yellow gold, your Mokume metal blend is sure to please lovers of mercurial hues.

18K White Gold / 18K Rose Gold / Silver
Set in modern silver, white gold, and rose gold, choosing a Mokume Gane jewelry pattern in this combination is ideal for people who love vibrant color and vivid contrast.

18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold / 18K Rose Gold / Silver Utilizing four precious metals, Aurora is the perfect choice for a person who loves high-contrast metal work. Etching further enhances the metalwork for an unforgettable finish.

18K White Gold / Pt950 / Silver
Our Ice metal combination is perfect for the person who prefers white gold – but with a fascinating twist of platinum (Pt 950) and silver.

18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold For a subtler – but no less stunning – Mokume Gane pattern, why not choose Bamboo? Its delicate contrast between cool white gold and warm yellow gold is a timeless selection.

18K White Gold / 18K Rose Gold Rose gold pairs beautifully with white gold in a mellow contrast. This combination is ideal for a unique Mokume Gane jewelry pieces that stand out for all the right reasons.


We take pride in surpassing all of our clients’ expectations which is why we offer custom Mokume Gane metal combinations and Mokume patterns. For a more comprehensive insight into our Mokume Gane craftsmanship, explore our detailed Mokume Gane process page. Alternatively, if you have a specific design concept in mind, please reach out to one of our skilled designers. We’re here to bring your unique vision to life.

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