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Discover the World of
Mokume Gane Jewelry

Our Mokume Gane at Jaume Labro Fine jewelry has been lauded for its impeccable technique and skill. Discover the intricate details that elevate our bespoke jewelry designs to an incomparable level.

Centuries of Inspiration

Inspired by fabled Damascus steel sword making of the 9th century, Mokume Gane techniques have created distinctive Japanese metalwork for over 500 years. The popularity of this ancient art has seen a resurgence over the last few decades, thanks to the elevated expectations of modern jewelry lovers.

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True Artistry

While each artist has their own unique vision and techniques, few modern jewelers are able to forge true Mokume Gane. In our studio, artisans are armed with a traditional hammer, chisel, and heat to create true Mokume Gane jewelry. The result? Exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces that are a testament to the ancient craft.

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Unparalleled Technique

Through extreme heat and pressure, layers of precious metals are forged into a solid Mokume Gane billet. In addition to pure copper, silver, and 18K gold, Jaume Labro uses palladium and platinum to deepen and strengthen the final product.
Once the billet is formed, it is hammered, carved, and shaped until the desired Mokume Gane pattern emerges.

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Breathtaking Patterns

By definition, “Mokume Gane” refers to the swirling, wood-like patterns that run through each piece. Thanks to our wide array of metal combinations and techniques, we offer an endless array of pattern selections.

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Jewelry with a Conscience

To create something beautiful, it must come from a place of respect and kindness. This is why each Jaume Labro jewelry piece is crafted using the finest sustainable sources available.

Our precious metals and ethical gold are 100% recycled in Japan under the higher standards. Whenever possible, we also purchase gold that has been recycled and purified using carbon-neutral methods.

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When purchasing gemstones and fair trade diamonds, we go beyond the Kimberley Process. Each of our gemstones are responsibly mined and traceable from its source to our workshop.

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Bring Your Mokume Gane Jewelry to Life

Because your Mokume Gane piece likely commemorates an extraordinary event in your life, you require nothing less than perfection. Whether you select a simple or elaborate design, contact us and our expert team will assist you through the entire process and give you advice in which of our mokume gane fits you the best.