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  • Adam
    25 Oct 2021

    Hi Labro!

    I received the ring yesterday and it is beautiful!  Thank you for working with me to create this unique ring!


  • Chiare

    Hi Jaume!

    I received the ring today. It is so beautiful. I could not be happier to place it on my husband’s finger. Sunday October 20th is our 6 year anniversary as a couple so I’m going to surprise him with it then. I will so my best to take a picture so I can show you his expression. 

    Thank you so much.
    Thank you for all your hard work and talent. All of you.

  • Cobo Ma
    28 Nov 2021

    It’s amazing that we can customize our dream wedding rings by Jaume Labro !
    As we are in overseas but they will make us feel confidence and understanding. Everything so perfect and perfect fit size for us! Thank you so much for the team and accept our order:)

  • Glenn
    25 Oct 2021

    Dear Labro,

    The ring looks very beautiful. I am very excited to receive it and give it to my special friend. 

    Thank you

  • Phillips

    Dear Mr. Labro,

    I received the ring last week. It is very beautiful and just what I wanted. Thank you very much for making such a special ring for me. I will highly recommend your work to anyone that wants special jewelry made. If I am able to get back to Japan, I will try and stop by your store; I would be very happy to meet you. 

    Best Regards

  • Ross

    Dear Mr Labro,

    I received the ring – it is very cool indeed!  Original and I know she will just love it!  I will ask her what bank she wants to go with it when I propose over Christmas Holidays.  Presumably you have a lot of confidence in the setting?

    Good luck in your work sir.

  • Sonali T.
    15 Nov 2021

    I had an excellent experience with Jaume Labro. He guided me throughout my ring buying process. He was very patient in explaining about the different metals, about mokume gane, suggesting ring sizing and aided in the overall decision making process. The ring is very beautiful and my partner loves it! I highly recommend his services!!