Algedi Fancy color diamond ring
  • Algedi Fancy color diamond ring
  • Algedi Fancy color diamond ring
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Algedi Fancy Color Diamond Ring

According to legend, the marquise diamond came about when King Louis XV wanted a diamond cut to mirror the beauty of a woman’s lips. Today, the cut is known more for it’s unique vintage look and artful symmetry. This ring features two brilliant 1.63ctw marquise diamonds, reflected side by side for a creative and striking look. The delicately-wrapped 18K white gold band allows the diamonds to take center stage.

We also can create a fully customized piece similar where you can change different aspects of the this unique handcrafted fine jewelry.

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Due to the nature of mokume gane, we will send you a ring gauge to confirm the exact size. After size is confirmed, the ring gauge will need to be returned to us.

We want to ensure that the ring will be a perfect fit. That’s why we suggest these three options:

Option 1: You check your size at your closest jeweler.
Option 2: We send you a ring gauge that is returned to us once you have determined your size.
Option 3: You send us a ring that perfectly fits the finger on which you want to wear our ring. We will return it along with your purchase.

NOTE: Size is measured from the leading edge. Click our ring size conversion chart.

US $3,600-$8,900

The exact price will be determined after size confirmation

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