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  • thalassa-designer-multicolored-hammered-wedding-rings-and-bands-by-labro
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Thalassa Multicolored Hammered Wedding Band

Your marriage: two unique individuals are joined in one perfect partnership. The Thalassa hammered wedding band: two precious metals inextricably bonded together. Platinum 900 and 18K gold are joined forever as a symbol of your devotion. Every ring is made by hand for an individual, and the 3mm wide band is only an example of what can be achieved. The exact specifications are up to you.

Image in 18K yellow gold main metal, platinum accent metal and 3mm wide.

Main Metal

Accent Metal


Our wedding bands and some of our engagement rings can be created to a customized width ranging from 3-10mm. In some cases, a client can specify a width greater than 10mm.


Due to the nature of mokume gane, we will send you a ring gauge to confirm the exact size. After size is confirmed, the ring gauge will need to be returned to us.

We want to ensure that the ring will be a perfect fit. That’s why we suggest these three options:

Option 1: You check your size at your closest jeweler.
Option 2: We send you a ring gauge that is returned to us once you have determined your size.
Option 3: You send us a ring that perfectly fits the finger on which you want to wear our ring. We will return it along with your purchase.

NOTE: Size is measured from the leading edge. Click our ring size conversion chart.

US $1,440-$3,800

The exact price will be determined after size confirmation

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