Mokume Color Palette

  • Antarctica Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / Silver

    Antarctica Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Cosmos Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold and Silver

    Cosmos Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Baobab Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Rose Gold and Silver

    Baobab Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Aurora Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold / 18K Rose Gold and Silver

    Aurora Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Ice Mokume Gane Pattern

    Platinum 950 / 18K White Gold and Silver

    Ice Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Bamboo Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold

    Bamboo Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Volcano Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Rose Gold

    Volcano Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
Ava Yellow Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring
Ava Yellow Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring

US $3,360-$4,980

Prices fluctuate based on various factors, including the metals combination, mokume gane colors, widths, and the presence of diamonds or gemstones.

Ava Yellow Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring

Mokume Gane is a required field

Liner is a required field

Width is a required field

Lovingly crafted in the Japanese tradition of mokume gane in a flowing design that matches the flow of the precious metals it combines, this remarkable ring features a central diamond flanked by two fine yellow diamonds. Promise ‘forever’ with the passion reflected in your choice of engagement ring. The wood eye pattern of each piece is individually handcrafted.

Image in Cosmos mokume gane, 18K yellow gold liner, 3mm wide, 0.50ct center diamond and two 0.05ct yellow accent diamonds.

Note: Center diamond is not included on the price.

We utilize FedEx for shipping our products. Typically, delivery times range from 4 to 7 days for most destinations where our jewelry is shipped. For further details, please refer to our shipping policy. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us via email at

We provide a lifetime guarantee on the quality and craftsmanship of our products. However, there are two conditions that automatically void our guarantee:

  • If the piece has been manipulated by anyone other than our own craftsmen, the guarantee is nullified. Our technique is highly unique and not commonly practiced by most jewelers and goldsmiths. Any external manipulation compromises the integrity of our craftsmanship.
  • The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from harsh wear and tear conditions. Even the most durable metals can succumb to damage when exposed to chemicals or subjected to high-force mechanical impacts.

Additionally, certain services are not covered under the free lifetime guarantee, such as resizing after 90 days from the shipping date and customized engravings. However, we can provide separate quotations for these services. If accepted, we can proceed with resizing, engraving erasure, or adding new engravings as per your request.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Guarantee page.

You also get

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • 2 year maintenance

  • Free engravings

  • Free resizing

  • Free appraisal

We’ve received our rings, they are awwwwweeeesome!

— Dim & Dorota

The ring has just arrived and I absolutely love it, thank you so much!! It’s even better then I thought it would be! The box is really lovely also!

— Alex K.

We are very pleased with the result, and will possibly try them on many times before the wedding day!

— Alice & Laurens

I received the ring today — it is beautiful!  Thank you.

— Meiko O.

I have received the ring, it’s a beautiful piece of work and I’m grateful for your efforts in making it for us. I’m certain my partner will feel the same way when she receives it. Thank you again, it’s one thing to make a judgement from a picture but it has genuinely lived up to every expectation.

— Barry M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our product, shipping, returns, and warranty.

Why Does Jaume Labro Have Such a Sterling Reputation?

Since 2006, Jaume Labro has worked to introduce new and innovative methods to purchase bespoke fine jewelry and exceptional gemstones. Our experienced team of professional designers and artisans aim to uphold our reputation as one of the most respected Mokume Gane makers in the world.

What Sets Jaume Labro Jewelry Apart?

Jaume Labro is an expert gemologist and goldsmith who has literally crawled through precious stone mines to find and create the most exceptional bespoke jewelry pieces. Renowned for its attention to detail, our company combines the finest materials and superb craftsmanship, and takes pride in the values and ethics applied to each jewelry piece.

Does Jaume Labro Offer International Shipping?

We ship to most countries. Unfortunately, due to certain custom regulations, there are some countries FedEx cannot deliver. Our customer experience team and our Shipping page can provide more information.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We accept major credit cards.

Does Your Studio Atelier Offer Virtual Consultations?

Our overseas clients are encouraged to book 45-minute, one-on-one virtual consultations with our specialists. During this time, our team will guide you through selecting the ideal diamond, reviewing metalworking patterns, perfecting your bespoke jewelry design, and much more. There is absolutely no pressure to make a purchase.

Does Jaume Labro Jewelry Come with a Guarantee?

All of our pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.

Choosing Jaume Labro means embracing a piece of history, crafted for the future.

  • A personal and immersive design experience.

    Unique, handcrafted designs that are as individual as you are and special as you’re love.

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  • Assurance of ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

    We are constantly innovating to ensure that our operations reflect our respect for the earth.

    Sustainability practices
  • Ancient art, precious heritage and a cultural bridge for eternity.

    Jewelry that carries a story and a soul, with the potential to become a cherished heirloom.

    Mokume Gane process

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