Mokume Color Palette

  • Antarctica Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / Silver

    Antarctica Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Cosmos Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold and Silver

    Cosmos Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Baobab Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Rose Gold and Silver

    Baobab Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Aurora Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold / 18K Rose Gold and Silver

    Aurora Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Ice Mokume Gane Pattern

    Platinum 950 / 18K White Gold and Silver

    Ice Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Bamboo Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold

    Bamboo Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
  • Volcano Mokume Gane Pattern

    18K White Gold / 18K Rose Gold

    Volcano Mokume Gane Pattern Ring
Pegas & Momiji Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Set
Pegas & Momiji Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Set
Pegas & Momiji Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Set
Pegas & Momiji Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Set

US $2,670-$4,920 (per piece)

Prices fluctuate based on various factors, including the metals combination, mokume gane colors, widths, and the presence of diamonds or gemstones.

Pegas & Momiji Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Set

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Pegas & Momiji are two rings handmade in Japan by the best jewelry artisans using the ancient technique of Mokume Gane. Both rings have a similar design, combining the contemporary touch of a plain wedding band with the wood-grain patterns achieved by twisting and carving the metal combination (18k white gold, 18k rose gold and 18k yellow gold). While his ring is 7mm wide, hers is 5 mm—the perfect combination of understated and elegant jewelry.

Image in Volcano mokume gane, 18K rose gold and 18K white gold, 18K white gold liner and 7mm wide for Pegas ring and Bamboo mokume gane 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, 18K white gold liner and 5mm for Momiji.

We utilize FedEx for shipping our products. Typically, delivery times range from 4 to 7 days for most destinations where our jewelry is shipped. For further details, please refer to our shipping policy. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us via email at

We provide a lifetime guarantee on the quality and craftsmanship of our products. However, there are two conditions that automatically void our guarantee:

  • If the piece has been manipulated by anyone other than our own craftsmen, the guarantee is nullified. Our technique is highly unique and not commonly practiced by most jewelers and goldsmiths. Any external manipulation compromises the integrity of our craftsmanship.
  • The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from harsh wear and tear conditions. Even the most durable metals can succumb to damage when exposed to chemicals or subjected to high-force mechanical impacts.

Additionally, certain services are not covered under the free lifetime guarantee, such as resizing after 90 days from the shipping date and customized engravings. However, we can provide separate quotations for these services. If accepted, we can proceed with resizing, engraving erasure, or adding new engravings as per your request.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Guarantee page.

You also get

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • 2 year maintenance

  • Free engravings

  • Free resizing

  • Free appraisal

The first time I got one of Labro’s ring in my hands I was amazed. It was something different, unique and we designed together with Labro’s team to make our ring even more unique and fully customized. I love my ring and everyone I show is also surprised of the Mokume gane craftsmanship skills used to create this piece of art. In one word “magic”. All the process was smooth, from the design, creation time updates, personal service and education to understand the whole process, packaging, shipping, etc…I would recommend to anyone looking for a lifetime wedding ring. Thank you very much again.

— Roberto

I proposed to my partner this weekend, and she loved the ring. Thanks,

— Ernest S.

We received our rings! They are beautiful, and we are so happy with them! Thank you so much for your time and hard work!  It was a pleasure to do business with you, and we wish you the best.

— Mika & Rico

We received the rings yesterday! Thank you so much!!  They’re so beautiful!!  Amazing work! We’re extremely happy with what you created – no words to describe.

— Joanna

I thought I’d send you some photos from our wedding showing the ring we bought from you last year. Michael and I both love his ring!

— Danielle

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our product, shipping, returns, and warranty.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Jewelry Piece?

We aim to complete standard orders within 6-8 weeks, however, certain intricate and elaborate designs may require 8-12 weeks. If you need a piece rushed or finished by a certain date, please let our design team know. We are happy to offer faster delivery options.

Are Your Diamonds Ethically Sourced?

To avoid the negative connotations of diamond mining (which destabilizes entire ecosystems and the lives of locals) we go beyond the Kimberley Process by tracing each diamond and gemstone directly from the mine to our studio. We work exclusively with the world’s largest, best-established producers which are 100% compliant with Kimberley Process regulations.

This strict code of conduct ensures that every single diamond we sell is legally procured from an ethical source.

How Do You Offer Larger Diamonds at Such Reasonable Prices?

Jaume Labro removes third-party dealers by sourcing the best-quality diamonds directly from the world’s leading De Beers sightholder producers. This provides rates that are extremely affordable, especially when compared to other high-end retailers.

Why Do Nearly Identical Diamonds Have Such Different Prices?

As an ethical diamond retailer, we are proud to offer prices that revolve around each stone’s quality and size. If you’re interested in a diamond with a higher price, contact one of our diamond experts to review its characteristics. For example, a slightly lower clarity, color, or carat weight could save you a tremendous amount.

Note: There are plenty of effective hacks to optimize your diamond size – at any budget.

Does Jaume Labro Jewelry Come with a Guarantee?

All of our pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.

Choosing Jaume Labro means embracing a piece of history, crafted for the future.

  • A personal and immersive design experience.

    Unique, handcrafted designs that are as individual as you are and special as you’re love.

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  • Assurance of ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

    We are constantly innovating to ensure that our operations reflect our respect for the earth.

    Sustainability practices
  • Ancient art, precious heritage and a cultural bridge for eternity.

    Jewelry that carries a story and a soul, with the potential to become a cherished heirloom.

    Mokume Gane process

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