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  • metis-designer-royal-mokume-and-diamond-ring
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Metis Designer Mokume Gane and Diamond Ring

Bold and beautiful, this contemporary ring design combines the best of the ancient art of Japanese royal mokume gane with sleek, modern lines and fine 0.165ctw diamonds. Rich patterns in 18K white and red gold edged with diamonds adorn this hand crafted, white gold ring that makes an undeniable statement of elegance for the connoisseur of timeless style.

We also can create a fully customized piece similar where you can change different aspects of the this unique handcrafted fine jewelry.


Due to the nature of mokume gane, we will send you a ring gauge to confirm the exact size. After size is confirmed, the ring gauge will need to be returned to us.

We want to ensure that the ring will be a perfect fit. That’s why we suggest these three options:

Option 1: You check your size at your closest jeweler.
Option 2: We send you a ring gauge that is returned to us once you have determined your size.
Option 3: You send us a ring that perfectly fits the finger on which you want to wear our ring. We will return it along with your purchase.

NOTE: Size is measured from the leading edge. Click our ring size conversion chart.

US $4,600-$6,900

The exact price will be determined after size confirmation

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