Sustainable Jewelry


At Labro, we strive to make the world a more beautiful place with our ethical jewelry.
Discover how choosing from our wide range of Mokume Gane designs helps those who need it most.

What Makes the Best Sustainable Jewelry?

Truly sustainable jewelry designers set themselves apart through their expert craftsmanship and the quality of their materials.

Not only does Jaume Labro work with recycled gold and ethical diamonds, but the designer also chooses sources that have a positive impact on their surrounding environments.

All Jaume Labro pieces have positive connotations. Why? Because we want to ensure that your deeply symbolic Mokume Gane engagement ring, necklace, or earrings come from a place of true beauty.

The Best Sustainable Jewelry Celebrates True Beauty

Not only is each Mokume Gane jewelry piece crafted individually, but every component provides benefits to the communities most affected by gold and diamond mining, including:
  • Selecting 100% ethical diamonds
  • Using the finest recycled gold
  • Working with ethical suppliers and social/environmental programs to benefit surrounding communities
  • Donating 5% of profits to worthy charities in affected areas

Taking Conflict-Free Diamonds to the Next Level

Did you know that Kimberley Process-approved, conflict-free diamonds may still be linked to human rights issues and environmental destruction? While sourcing ethical diamonds requires diligence, it’s worth the effort to provide the highest-quality symbol of romantic expression.

From the mine to our workshop (or better “from the mine to your finger”), we track each gemstone to ensure that every person in the process has benefited. To benefit communities in diamond-producing countries, Jaume Labro asks questions about how mining companies treat the natural environment, how workers are treated, and whether the diamonds bring benefits to local communities. To ensure that these companies uphold their standards, Jaume has gone deep into multiple mines himself.

Jaume Labro’s specifications are far more stringent than the Kimberley Process, which is the only way to ensure a truly ethical diamond.

Choosing Ethical Gold and Precious Metals

Though it’s one of nature’s wonders, mountains of toxic waste are created to extract gold from ore. This process threatens water resources and increases health issues through a variety of means. That’s why Jaume Labro has pledged to use only recycled gold for the jewelry he crafts for you.

Ethical gold is hard to come by – and it’s even harder to prove its origins. This is why Jaume Labro began purifying, realloying, and recycling gold. Gold always remains pristine, and after this process, a 100-year-old piece is exactly the same as something recently mined (but without the environmental damage).
As you celebrate a milestone with your Mokume Gane jewelry, you’ll have something extra to celebrate: making a positive difference that gives back for generations.

Supporting Worthy Charities

Choosing sustainable materials is a great start, but Jaume Labro goes one step further to create a better world by giving back to communities affected by the gold and gemstone industries.
As you celebrate a milestone with your Mokume Gane jewelry, you’ll have something extra to celebrate: making a positive difference that gives back for generations.

A Better Future for Children

As a sustainable jewelry designer, Jaume Labro has traveled the world in search of worthy yet underfunded charities. 5% of every jewelry purchase goes towards non-profit organizations like the Wara Wara Community Schools Project in Sierra Leone. Every cent collected helps break the cycle of poverty by building schools and employing teachers.

Platbos Forest Protection Program

The Platbos Forest in South Africa (home to many ancient trees) was badly burned in a runaway fire several years ago. With every Jaume Labro purchase, volunteers will plant a tree in the forest – you’ll even receive the GPS coordinates!
This threatened forest is one of the world’s largest producers of gold and diamonds, so it’s fitting that your special tree will be planted here. Not only does each purchase help to restore an ancient forest, but it also provides a habitat for animals and other indigenous plants.

Discover More About Jaume Labro Mokume Gane Jewelry

On the Jaume Labro blog, you’ll find full-length articles on these sustainability issues, inspiring stories behind the causes we support, and how you can directly contribute to these remarkable initiatives.
If you’re searching for a perfect sustainable diamond, contact Jaume Labro. As a certified gemologist by GIA, cutter, and jewelry designer, he can source any shape, size, or color – in any budget.