Sustainable Jewelry


At Jaume Labro, we are passionate about creating ethical jewelry while preserving our beautiful world. 

Discover the actions we take to ensure our Mokume Gane designs are ethically created and how we support others.

What Makes the Best Sustainable Jewelry?

Creating sustainable jewelry is part of our DNA because it aligns with our values but also bonds the emotional purpose of creating a unique jewel with positive connotations during the whole process and after.

We work only with recycled gold, platinum and silver previously refined in Japan. About the acquisition of ethical diamonds and gemstones, we buy only from reputable suppliers with years of experience when it is impossible to travel by ourselves to the mines and markets worldwide. As jewelry designers, goldsmiths and gemologists, we are responsible for bringing fair wages and ensuring the environmental impact of extracting them is minimal for the surrounding environments.

From any aspect of the whole process, we want the “good vibes” to be infused in each jewelry piece. Why? Because we believe it is the only way to proceed, and we want to be an example within the field not only for the quality of our products but also for our values.

The Best Sustainable Jewelry Celebrates True Beauty

Each Mokume Gane jewelry piece is crafted individually, but during the process, we provide tangible benefits, including:

  • Selecting conflict-free ethical diamonds from top suppliers
  • Using the finest recycled gold refined locally in Japan
  • Donating 5% of profits for children’s education in Sierra Leone

Conflict-Free Diamonds & Gemstones

Did you know that Kimberley Process-approved, conflict-free diamonds may still be linked to human rights issues and environmental destruction?

From the mine to our workshop (or better, “from the mine to your finger“), we track our gemstones the best we can to ensure the communities in mining countries benefit in the process. Jaume Labro asks questions about how mining companies treat the natural environment, how workers are treated, and whether diamonds and gemstones help them. 

To guarantee that the standards we approve have been upheld, Jaume and his team have gone deep into multiple mines on several occasions. We want to make ethical jewelry that goes hand in hand with the values of our customers.

Choosing Ethical Gold and Precious Metals

Though it’s one of nature’s wonders, mountains of toxic waste are created to extract gold from ore. This process threatens water resources and increases health issues through various means. That’s why Jaume Labro has pledged to use only recycled gold for the jewelry he crafts for you.

Ethical gold is hard to come by and even harder to prove its origins. This is why Jaume Labro partnered with a local refinery and began purifying, re-alloying, and recycling gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Gold always remains pristine, and after this process, a 100-year-old piece is the same as something recently mined (but without the environmental damage).

As you celebrate a milestone with your Mokume Gane wedding band, you’ll have something extra to celebrate: making a positive difference echoes for generations.

A Better Future for Children

As a sustainable jewelry designer, Jaume Labro has traveled the world searching for worthy yet underfunded small charities. 5% of every jewelry purchase goes towards non-profit organizations like Happy Kids Charity in Sierra Leone. The collected amount is donated to kids with HIV/AIDS and helps with their education.

Discover More About Jaume Labro Mokume Gane Jewelry

On the Jaume Labro blog, you’ll find full-length articles on these sustainability issues, inspiring stories behind the causes we support, and how you can directly contribute to these remarkable initiatives.

If you’re searching for a perfect conflict-free diamond, contact Jaume Labro. As a certified gemologist by GIA, cutter, and jewelry designer, he can source any shape, size, or color – on any budget.