How to Make Diamonds Look Bigger

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It’s no secret that a solitaire diamond is the most popular ring setting for modern brides, and it’s the quintessential symbol of commitment. While these single-stone settings have been favored for a century, large diamonds can be expensive for couples on a budget.

However, there are easy ways to make diamonds look bigger – without sacrificing style or romance.

1. Purchase Smaller, Higher-Quality Round-Cut Diamonds

how to make a small diamond look bigger

Brilliant round-cut diamonds account for up to 75% of engagement rings, but creating 58 perfect facets means losing a substantial amount of the original rough stone. This dramatically increases cost.

If you know that your partner prefers a round-cut diamond, remember that going choosing has distinct benefits. A smaller, perfectly-cut half carat diamond ring will shine brighter – and cost substantially less – than a one carat diamond ring of lesser quality.

2. Pick a Different Shape is a Good Way to Make Diamonds Look Bigger

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Couples looking to save money (while maintaining style) might want to select a princess-cut, emerald-cut, or marquise diamond. Larger, flawless stones are available at lower prices and you’ll also have a unique engagement ring. What’s more, gemstone shapes can flatter different sizes of hands, making them appear thinner and more elegant.

3. Select Colored Diamonds or Gemstones Instead

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Over the past few decades, colored diamond engagement rings have become increasingly popular – and it’s not hard to see why! Pink, green, and yellow diamond engagement rings can be a stunning reflection of a woman’s personality. A larger white diamond can also be amplified when placed in a timeless cluster setting with sapphires, rubies, or other colored diamonds.

4. Add Flourishes to Your Engagement Band

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There are endless ways to personalize an engagement ring. One of the more popular options is by adding smaller stones along the band. From colored stones to tiny (but brilliant) diamonds, the more sparkle that’s involved, the larger stones appear.

As seen in the above picture, Mokume Gane’s unique and swirling metal patterns draw the eye directly towards the stones.

5. Opt for Delicate Engagement Ring Settings

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When choosing a smaller diamond, the most flattering engagement rings will incorporate thinner bands and prongs to maximize your stone’s appearance.

Though prongs may seem like a tiny element, they can have an enormous influence on the appearance of gemstones. For square, rectangular, and diamonds under 1ct., four-prong settings allow more light to pass through the stone. It’s important to remember that these settings are less secure than a 6-prong diamond ring.

6. How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring Setting

If the bride-to-be is searching for a low-maintenance engagement ring setting, consider the following:

Illusion Settings for Engagement Rings

illusion setting engagement ring

During the Great Depression, few Americans could afford luxury items like fine diamond jewelry, so experts developed a method of setting diamonds in rippled, white metal. The illusion setting is still popular today, mirroring the sparkle of the diamond, and acting as an extension of the stone itself. These styles are incredibly popular for vintage lovers.

Halo Settings for Engagement Rings

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A halo engagement ring setting is an excellent choice to magnify a smaller center stone. Surrounded by several diamond accents, center stones appear much larger when prongs are expertly designed and virtually undetectable.

Bezel Settings for Engagement Rings

Bazel Setting Diamond

Bezel settings are ideal for flawlessly-cut round and oval diamonds. A metal collar surrounds the diamond’s girdle (the widest part of the stone), and securely holds the gem. With this extra circumference, the stone not only appears wider but it’s protected from chipping, making this style a great choice for women with more active lifestyles.

7. Choose the Right Metal

When flawless, colorless diamonds are paired with white gold, palladium, or platinum, their sparkle is mirrored and their size is visually amplified. If your diamond has a yellowish tinge to it, yellow gold is the optimal choice to boost its optical size.

By drawing the eye inward, Mokume Gane engagement rings can help intensify the shine of a beautiful diamond. Not only are multiple precious metals used in this process, but you are also guaranteed to possess the only ring of its kind.

8. Take Special Care of Your Ring

The best, easiest way to make your diamond look larger is by cleaning your engagement ring a few times a year. Dull gems appear far smaller than sparkling ones. Whether you do it at home or take it to a professional cleaner, this simple hack does wonders to enhance the size of diamonds.

Create Your Dream Engagement Ring with Jaume Labro

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Remember: A flawless half-carat diamond can be just as impressive as a 2ct stone. Discover more tips on purchasing the perfect engagement ring, or contact us to design your own Mokume Gane engagement ring today. At Jaume Labro we will help not only to make your diamonds look bigger but also assist you through all the process and assure you have the best diamond available for your budget.