Engagement Ring Settings for Small Hands, Large Hands, and Everything In Between

best rings for small hands

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and it’s time to choose an engagement ring. But between the band size, stone shape, metals, and a seemingly infinite array of styles, selecting “the right one” can feel daunting.

If you’re looking for a unique engagement band – or want to design a bespoke Mokume Gane ring – we’ve created this ring setting guide that will ensure a flattering style for your beloved’s hand.

Engagement Rings for Small Hands

For small hands, proportions are important. A thin band with smaller – but still high-quality – diamonds is ideal for the ultimate sparkle. Aside from round-cut, the best gemstone shapes include Asscher, oval, and pear-cut diamonds.

engagement ring for small hands
Our Iris Mokume Gane Engagement Ring is crafted with 18k rose gold, white gold, and silver. A flawless round-cut diamond (0.3ct) is flanked by a channel of nine diamonds.

Engagement Ring Settings for Large Hands

People with larger hands are better able to carry bolder engagement ring styles with ease. Unless they’re in cluster settings, smaller stones will appear more miniature. Illusion settings and stacked bands not only optically increase gemstone size, but they’re also excellent options for those on a budget.

Another option is to choose larger, more affordable diamond alternative gemstones (like spinel, citrine, or garnet) that reflect a wearer’s style while flattering their hand.

diamond alternative engagement ring
Our Moon Citrine Ring is set in yellow gold and surrounded with a halo of conflict-free diamonds.

Best Ring Choices for Wide Fingers

It may seem difficult to make wide fingers seem slimmer, but this is achievable with the right ring. Steer away from narrow stones (like marquise-cut gems), as showing too much skin on the sides of the ring will cause fingers to appear wider than they are. Go with wider, squarer gemstone shapes like rectangle- and emerald-cut stones.

Solitaire diamond settings may run outside of your budget, but a three-stone setting should visually increase stone size. Smaller diamonds – running the length of the band – are also excellent for drawing the eyes outward.

The width of the band also plays a key role in optics. A delicate band may appear too small, so we recommend a medium-to-thick band.

best ring setting wide fingers
With a 0.55ct red spinel surrounded by perfectly-set diamonds, our Rosada Mokume Gane ring is a flattering choice for wider fingers.

Best Engagement Ring Settings for Slender Fingers

Many people assume that thinner fingers look good in every engagement ring setting. In fact, it’s quite easy to overwhelm these proportions.

Most jewelry designers and experts agree on the importance of striking a visual balance. Smaller stones are the best choice for slender fingers, as a large gemstone can easily look unbalanced. Oval, marquise, or other vertical-cut diamonds are great options. A slightly wider band balances things beautifully.

You can also consider a double diamond-studded band for more sparkle without overpowering smaller features.

best ring setting slender fingers
Our Tara Mokume ring showcases a 0.478ct marquise-cut yellow diamond, framed by 0.90ctw white diamonds. These are set in Mokume Gane pattern of swirling 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, palladium, and silver.

The Best Ring Settings for Shorter Fingers

For someone with shorter fingers, we recommend starting with a slim gemstone (like an oval, marquise, or pear-cut diamond). Paired with a delicate-looking band, fingers will appear graceful and longer.

best ring setting short fingers
Our 18K white gold Ice Engagement Ring is set with 0.70ctw blue topaz and 0.11ctw white diamonds.

Which Ring Style Works Best for All Hands?

Round-cut solitaire settings look wonderful on every hand, which is why they are unquestionably the first choice for brides-to-be (accounting for around 75% of the engagement ring market).

Halo engagement ring settings are other excellent styles which offer affordable options and dramatic payoff. Center stones are magnified with multiple gemstone accents, especially when the prongs are indiscernible.

Our customizable 18K white gold Kanti Sapphire and Diamond Ring is set with a center 0.56ct blue sapphire, surrounded by 0.40ctw diamonds and 0.52ctw sapphires.

Easy Tips to Buy the Best Engagement Ring

Before making any purchase, give yourself enough time to go over all of your options. If you visit a jewelry shop for inspiration, have your partner try on multiple bands in a variety of stone settings. Rings often look completely different in cases and on hands. Your jeweler can offer guidance.

Be Sure to Choose the Right Size

Accurately measuring your future fiancée’s ring finger will ensure that you purchase the correct size. A pinching engagement ring will appear painful and unflattering on her hand, no matter if she has wide or slender fingers. If it’s too loose on her hand, the ring will shift constantly and uncomfortably.

We’re Here to Help You Select the Best Engagement Ring

No matter what setting you end up choosing, you should feel confident in your decision. Jaume Labro’s team of designers and artisans work with each client to ensure the finest bespoke engagement ring.

Browse our wide range styles for inspiration, or contact our team to start designing your own engagement ring today.