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You’ve decided that she’s The One, and you’re getting yourself geared up to pop the question. Ideally, you should have an engagement ring handy to tell her that yes, you really mean it, but how can you be sure you’re choosing a ring she’ll love and be proud to wear every single day for the rest of her life?

Some guys with pragmatic girlfriends will pop the question sans engagement ring and then get her to help with the choice, but to know how to buy the perfect engagement ring that’s just ideal for her and surprising her with it is way more romantic. You know the scene: romantic setting, sweet whispers, moonlight and suddenly, POW! Engagement ring. She almost swoons with delight, bursts into tears of joy, and you’ve got a joyful memory that lasts a lifetime.

Let’s assume that both of you are romantically-minded, so the ring has to be a surprise. There’s just one problem, you have no idea how to buy engagement rings. After all, this is a first. This engagement ring guide will help you to make the right choices.

What to look at when buying an engagement ring?

Seriously, don’t even consider getting a mass-produced ring, especially if you buy engagement rings online. For a start, she’s an individual and deserves a unique ring; in the second place, the quality is so much better when you get a bespoke ring that you can easily see it even if you aren’t an expert. Thirdly, do you know how to gauge the quality of the stones? We’ve seen stones that look great online, but are actually inferior when given closer scrutiny.

It’s much better to get personal service from a jewelry designer, and that’s where Labro comes into the picture. What could be better than a ring from a world-renowned gem expert and master-goldsmith? To give you an idea of the elements you’ll cover as you discuss your options, we’ll run through a few of the basics.

Choose the perfect gemstones

Diamond engagement rings are the classic choice, and if she likes the color blue (you can tell if she often wears this color), blue sapphires will be a good second choice. Both of these stones won’t easily scratch or scuff, making them great for everyday wear, but they are by no means your only options. If she’s an individualist and you think she’d prefer a central stone of a specific color, talk to us. Did you know you can get green sapphires? There are even beautiful, multi-colored ones.

As for the quality of the stones,

Labro chooses only handpicked stones of excellent clarity, color and cut. Click To Tweet

Why’s that important? It not only influences the look of the stone, but also its durability. A heavily included diamond can be quite fragile and susceptible to chipping.

Stone cutting is an art of its own, and Labro chooses only stones that have been perfectly cut to enhance the light and colors found within the stones. All you have to do is decide on the shape of the stone and the color.

Choose the metals

Gold can be alloyed into a wide range of colors. Which one will your love prefer? She probably already wears some jewelry, so be observant. Some women prefer yellow or pink gold, while others are inclined to prefer white gold. Choosing the alloys to be used is particularly interesting when choosing diamond engagement rings from Labro.

We specialize in a very special metalworking art known as mokume gane. We use an age-old technique that combines the metals into swirling wood-grain patterns that are ever-changing and always unique. Even if you choose a very simple design, you can be sure that a mokume gane engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind original.

Buy the perfect engagement ring at Jaume Labro

The patterns of mokume gane range from understated combinations of silver and palladium to bold patterns in green gold, pink gold and white gold. Think about your lady’s personal style. Does she tend to go for muted patterns and colors, or does the way she dresses make a bold statement? When in doubt, choose white metals and a relatively understated combination.

In general, we prefer using 18K gold because this is a superior alloy. We can show you how the colors work together, but we can’t predict the exact pattern because it is formed as naturally as you fell in love. However, you will see that this is nothing to worry about. The combinations are without exception beautiful.

Choose a design

Although we have some beautiful designs to give you ideas or to use as is (remember, the ring will be individually made, and the mokume gane will set it apart from all others), you can suggest any design variations you like. Again, think about your intended’s preferences. When she looks at clothes, furniture or jewelry, does she prefer classic styles or does she prefer modern, contemporary design? Does she prefer simplicity, or does she like a lot of detail?


Throughout the decision-making process, we are here to advise and guide you, so feel free to pose any questions you like. We can discuss the pros and cons of your suggestions with you, helping you to pick a commitment ring that is bound to meet with her approval.

Secretly discover her ring size

There are lots of ways to discover her ring size without her knowing. You could take her mother or sister into your confidence; they may already know the answer. If she already wears rings, you can playfully “try one on” to see how far down your finger it sits, or you can offer to take her rings in for cleaning and find out that way. If she has one she won’t miss, you can borrow it, or you can look for an opportunity to quickly trace the inner circumference of one of her rings onto a piece of paper without her knowledge.

Other decisions to make

A liner adds a beautiful finishing touch to any ring – will you choose a lined ring or an unlined ring? What about the way the band is formed? Would she prefer a domed profile, a D-shaped profile, or a flat one? Again, we’re here to help. The width of the band is also of interest, although in general, engagement rings have a narrower band than wedding rings do. If you’re pretty sure she’s going to say “yes”, you can even start looking at wedding bands to match.


Mokume gane can be enhanced with etching. When you choose a combination that includes silver, we can accentuate the pattern with a little texturing. Alternatively, you can leave the ring un-etched and send it in for etching later after you’ve discussed it with the love of your life.

Last, but not least, the final beautiful choice: 5% of the value of your ring will go to a deserving, carefully selected charity. What matters to you and your lady? Would you like to know that trees have been planted to save a threatened forest? Or perhaps you’d like to know that children in impoverished Sierra Leone are getting an education in a proper school thanks to your purchase?

Perhaps sea-life matters most to you? After she’s said “yes”, you can tell her about it, adding that special feeling of having shared your love in a way that benefits people or the natural environment.

Where to buy the perfect engagement ring?

We aren’t being conceited when we say that our rings are perfect. We put a lot of work into ensuring that they are. They’d still be perfect if you looked at them under high magnification, because that is how we look at them when we work. We know that your love is so inspiring that your children and grandchildren will see your engagement ring as an heirloom to be treasured, and our rings are made to last across the generations.

Celebrate your love. Browse through our collection of exquisite, individually crafted engagement ring designs, or get in touch with us and tell us about your vision for the perfect engagement ring. We will make it a reality that’s as true as your love.